The Orange line (Boston) has been around. I've been riding for 30 years, I can honestly say I saw almost everything and / or I've experienced it. From craving, troublemakers harass passengers to rub women with women (I moved a woman to her office before they went to mine to be sure of the pervert) and even had a "member" man smiled at me on a nearby empty train. I saw people sit while a blind man stands (I cry to them when they leave) and others are picking their nose like a sweet fruit on a tree.

From a distance I saw pregnant women stand up and fight the train in the back of my eyes, in front of my eyes, with accidents and medical emergencies. Yes, I've even intervened in a robbery robbery while many women and men stood and stared … I know, I know … not very smart, but I think I have the urge to help you kick.

But I think you're long enough to T (and you're lucky), but sometimes you're notorious, though rare, you can see pictures. As I did this morning, I noticed the most impressive sight.

A young man on a wheelchair boarded the train at the second station. He was about twenty years old, he was healthy in his face and in his upper body, except in the forced arms, hands, feet and legs. She sat quietly, not in touch with anyone, while manipulating her chair so she could not be on the road when people left and entered the train. In general, I feel uncomfortable and insecure about how to properly interact with people physically or mentally challenging, so I just go to my heart and respect them like other passengers, or with a strange smile that they've thrown into action.

Besides, the train was very quiet as some read, others closed their eyes and pretended to be asleep as I, as usual, looked around with the fictional faux pas and anything that seemed fun. As I watched the crowds, my eyes turned to the young man in the wheelchair when he started yawning. That was when I saw the most amazing thing. As he yawned his bony, curved arm to his face, and covered his mouth with twisted hands.

Simple, self-contained, automatic reflection looked at my tears. I mean, if somebody can escape from doing good manners, he would be a man who finds such a thing difficult or painful. Instead, sitting here, this attentive but neglected young man who possesses the grace and the honor of showing the basic behavior is that most "healthy" people are too obscene or lazy to exercise.

Then the train stops at the next station. I saw him press some buttons on his chair and turn around and make sure that he does not break the ones who were running around or forced him to be deployed on board. When the train drove away from the station, I could see it slowly fold up the platform, then closed my eyes and prayed to her. Prayer is to be blessed and you will find peace and happiness in your life, and of course the elevator on the station will work.

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