Not really sure about Twitter?

Are not you alone. In 2009, according to LinkedIn Harris poll, "Twitter thinking, what's your closest opinion?" 69% of voters replied, "I do not know enough about Twitter to give an opinion."

In 2009, Twitter had an impact on the world. One of the most memorable events occurred in April 2008 when James Buck, the University of California at Berkley University, was arrested while protesting against a government in Egypt. Buck successfully sent a quick beep from his Twitter account, consisting of a single word: Arrested.

Followers came into contact with the University, the US Embassy, ​​and the media organization, which together put pressure on the Egyptian authorities. The next day, Buck sent an impulse token: he was freed.

Now tweets from your organization can not be as dramatic as Bucke, but Heather Mansfield, author of Social Good for Social Good :

1. Find your voice – let personality and community community. It is, of course, delicious and useful for your followers to exert content, such as roadblocks, traps, and actual parking numbers, but the best Twitter sounds are character and friendly. These voices share the opinions and contribute to the discussions. Send a wide variety of content, including photos and videos. Of course, resist the temptation to automate your tweets or direct messages. Inspired quotes and robust statistics are high tweet (and retweet) appeals.

2. Track your links. Use the third-party app, such as Google URL Shortener,, or, to track your links. Not only are these free tools shrinking long links, giving you more characters to tweet, but also provide useful statistics about how many people clicked on the links. Those tweets who do not follow their links are simply blindfolded. The prime work of social media is to find out what content your followers are asking and give them more.

3. Do not just display your table of contents. Blend ! Articles or blog posts from favorite newspapers, bloggers, and partner organizations. An insurer I know is a local sports team who sympathizes or asks the followers to be on vacation or to attend a county fair. The key to social media is commitment (and not one-way communication).

4. Retweet and Answer Frequently Follow the Golden Rule. The more you organize with others through retweets and responses, the more you redefine your business and mention it. This is one of the fastest ways to grow your follower.

5. Follow the 1: 1 ratio. If you have 1000 followers, you have to follow 1000 recalls. Why? Four Reasons:

a. There will probably be more followers if people find out they are in return.
b. People can not send you a message if you do not follow them.
c. People are less likely to mention or rewrite if they think they will never recall or mention retweet.
d. People get an email that says the body is following them now.

6. How often should I chirp? Chip life is about 90 minutes. Most people just browse the tweets in real time. Tweet every 4-6 times a day and place your tweets all day long. Twitter is the most active 9 through noon.

To learn more about how to use Twitter to promote your organization, go to .

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