In 1980, husband and wife bought their first home in Arizona. The husband led a vacuum cleaner business, and the wife was a cashier at a grocery store. The husbands were only on Sunday and the wife dropped off on two different days of the week so she had never had much time together. He did not have a child, but the wife was bred with Afghan dogs.

Her husband watched a television on a peaceful Sunday afternoon, and suddenly the television sparkled, smoked, jerked and burned. He jumped from the sofa, opened the front door, pulled out the TV, picked it up and dropped it in the yard.

Even with your husband and wife did not have enough money to buy a new TV. The new house consumed all the extra money, and there were lots of new costs for getting a new home.

The husband told a friend about his financial problems. His friend mentioned that his father was doing a vacuum business and said, "Why do not we go to Phoenix Flea Market on weekends and sell vacuum cleaners, bags, belts and parts." I told him it sounded like a good idea, but my only day was Sunday. We agreed to work on Saturday, and we both work on Sundays. The only other problem was that this person did not have the money on the kit, so his friend said he was taking the money for an inventory of business being started. Both agreed that all the gains were to buy more inventory and the vacuum cleaners they both rebuild and sell.

They followed their plans and their new business was successful. Large quantities of bags, belts and parts were sold and old vacuum was purchased, fixed and resold. All of their profits went down in the business and they started more and more business. It was very exciting, but the only problem was that one partner worked weekly a week and still did not have enough money to buy a new color TV.

Approx. After two months, one partner mentioned that he wanted to get some money from the store to buy a new color TV. She was very surprised when her boyfriend said, "No Way." He tried to talk to his boyfriend, but his friend completely opposed the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking money out of business. Your partner said that they would rather buy her from the business they started and have to shop themselves. They agreed with each other and paid one of the partners for $ 800 for their share of the deal.

Finally, one partner was able to go out and a new color TV. Then he wondered what he could do with the other $ 400. Well, incorrectly or incorrectly called the vacuum parts distributor, they both bought and ordered $ 400 worth of bags and goods and went to the flea market next Sunday and started their own business. Her friend came in and something smiled and said, "Well, I do not think we talked about you doing your own business here." The other partner said he was just earning enough money to get a new color television and he was the one who wanted to break the partnership. They both laughed and good friends and competitors were staying with each other for many years.

One partner continued to buy more and soon introduced bulk, bags, belts and new and used vacuum cleaners. He was so busy that most of the time he could not have lunch, coke or anything. After a few months of suffering, he needed the help that helped his wife stop working for his job to help with his new business.

In the coming years, they grew up and helped them with 30 foot trailers and 4 staff members in the Flea Market and their home where repairs were carried out and rebuilds of the vacuum during the week. They knew all their neighbors on the Flea Market, including those near the runners beside their stand.

After a few years they became friends with their friends with their friends and decided to lend a shop. It was their first real shop and they shared the retail space and rented it. They all went well to both of them, but one morning, in a few months, the vacuum cleaners went to their store and all their buddies disappeared. All their runners, their tables, their computers, everything went away. The night was gone. All that remained was a comment that explained that they did not do it and felt ill, but had to leave the ship and move to Seattle. This was surprising for the vacuum-holders who were left without the cost of the shop, but luckily their business was able to handle the bills.

The first day when the futon people disappeared, 2 or 3 people enter the store and ask where are the futons? They could have told them that the futons had disappeared, and that all that was today was the vacuum. Instead, they asked the potential buyer what size they were and what color they were, and they were well-known about the futons and where they could find that they were not even able to run a business at all.

This was the beginning of a weird combination that was not designed at all but it worked and many buyers bought a vacuum cleaner and a futon. Finally, our store's socks were so busy that less and less time was spent on the business vacuum, so they were finally sold to a competitor. This futon business has continued to grow year after year but never designed

This is a story about how 2 people started out on a business side that developed into a full time business and then completely chaged another business entirely. It shows how to adapt to business and go to flow to survive.

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