Most people had many secrets in their childhood. Probably small puppies were filled with light puzzles, or their classmates would give the class a class, then everyone would pick up the "thinking cap" and talk to each other and try to solve it. But as we get older, this kind of thing stops. It's about serious subjects like math and science, and much of the entertainment is lost.

It turns out that brain scientists such as adult puzzles help improve mental "speed" and prevent IQ loss over time. It turns out that elementary school teachers knew what's good for you! The best way to take advantage of this principle is to spend a few minutes a day using a mystery or brain stomp.

It does not matter which time you are doing, but in the morning it seems like they are thinking of the mystery all day long when I go to their normal duties. Other people will think about driving or by train (or walking) to work in the morning, and if they get jammed, they can ask for help from a colleague (similar to "group learning" in elementary school).

Other people prefer to work after their work when they come home at night when their brains are "warmed up" during the day. The time of day is not really important, but only the fact that their brains actually think of something other than daily grind, which provides a beneficial effect.

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