Spiritual and accountable hand in hand; As you breed, you are reaping. Maybe he does not meet you in this life, but based on our empirical research, we think this will happen.

Unfortunately, sometimes we meet people on the spiritual road that seem to rationalize bad behavior.

For example, someone is living too many lives, meaning irresponsible eating. He incredibly thinks he solves his financial problems, such as attorney admissions and bankruptcy, and prays the karma "gods" (Easter Bunny and Santa Claus) for forgiving to "write again" his spiritual contract.

Always the hook? No way.

Even if you forgive yourself for the losses that others have caused, you will have to pay back these debts later, even if you have a lot of life. Our results regularly show us that we can not escape personal accountability, regardless of how we rationalize it.

We have just received the following related email: "Now I have discovered that karma is another belief system that binds to the ego, because it controls me, I am innocent, there is no guilt, no karma, I have been in a state of happiness for the last six months, while I was still in the world and still featured (eg watching TV) I saw the vision for two weeks and the only 72 hours spent in the woods did not exist and became a state of consciousness since the return was continued and I had full hours of daily silence here , but not here, as anything and everything. "

This person thinks he has no personal responsibility and karma. Does this mean that every impulse does not matter to the consequences? It's a scary idea. Violent criminals and other unwanted people often enjoy the same conviction: innocent, whatever it is, karma. The same people who have no conscience and play the role of the victim when things do not go away.

You seemed to think that it was just because of fun, like a funpark, and life does not make sense, it does not have a higher purpose. It rejects personal accountability, karma and personal accidents as if it were two years old who only dealt with his needs and desires. We recommend avoiding such a life as it harms others and produces negative karma.

One of the advantages of taking responsibility for you and your actions is to empower you. You can not really become a wise and conscientious man without that.

A mislead, the writer mentioned that he was looking for a sight and for 72 hours "did not exist". In general, vision missions include consciousness drugs that we recommend avoiding it. There is always a price to pay for such a journey, often more than a disassembly of the individual's spirituality or higher self, depression and anxiety, realizing real people, situations and lives, and the risk of ghosting or demon possession . Life on Earth is hard enough, but when it comes to drugs and becomes unbearable.

While we agree that there is a great chance in life, we believe that you always count on your actions in a karmic sense. Im Imagine a world where everyone lived in this way. We can dream of what is not it?

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