Coaches and teammates come up with sport motifs to increase athlete's confidence in the game or in the race. They can also be used after a defeat at an athlete's console. They think it is philosophical and encouraging, or conscientious and light-hearted. Whatever the need for, whether to drive a win for a charge or compensate for the weakness, you can be sure that it is priced at almost any situation. Often, these quotes are metaphors for life and a direct impact on sport. Therefore, it is so common to see famous coaches cited in the literature.

Although not every player is playing professionally, we can learn lessons during the free time game. These lessons translate into everyday life. This fact explains the popularity of sports motivational quotations and their occurrence in society. Athletes, even amateurs, are known for their perseverance, dedication and leadership. Coaches know that these features have been brought to their players and athletes. Of course, the participants in sport are the most important candidates. Along with the universal appeal of sport and the challenges of everyday life, these quotes are the ideal motivating factors.

Paul Bryant, one of the most famous university football coaches, is a favorite sportmaker of all time. An excellent example: "The loss does not allow me to exit, and this means that I'm much more difficult to fight." Not only this quotation applies to football, but also to life. Thanks to this universal application, many Paul Bryant quotations are so popular in sports and business as well as in universities. Many other renowned coaches, such as Abe Lemons, Homer Rice and Bobby Dodd. In fact, they said that Abe Lemons, the winner of the 1978 National Champion of the Year, was the most widely-trained coach most frequently quoted.

As a coach the purpose of a sports motif quotation is not to make history or to create quotation marks. The goal is to inspire and pump the trust in athletes. The fact that these quotes are often applied to business situations, personal tribulations, or other areas of life are simply popular popular use. However, the words themselves are not enough to create self-confidence. Driving, ambition, clear goal, and personal intent determine the person's success and achievements. Quotations merely help remind you of what can and can be done.

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