Stress has profound effects on both physical and mental health. As discussed in the previous stress and health articles, 75% of all illnesses in the United States are associated with stress and lifestyle, including heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Stress accumulation, if it does not deal with the level of symptoms, can affect the nervous system, and can cause many physical illnesses, including back pain, cervical pain, poor posture, and any other disease. Chiropractors deal with physical illnesses that affect the nervous system and relieve pain and misalignment by adjusting to the vertebrae of the spell.

So what should bone marrow do to relieve stress? Osteoporosis can help relieve stress in the following ways:

o Chiropractors are able to identify areas of the nervous system to which stress-induced stress has a negative effect on the stumps of magic. Chiropractors are taught to identify these flawed joints and to focus specifically on neurological diseases.

o Once defective settings have been identified, chiropractors can manually adjust the spell or mechanically remove nervous system disorders. Corrections can be made over a period of time and help to eliminate normal nervous system problems.

o When he goes to a chiropractor and is able to adjust the nervous system, the body is free to heal other physical illnesses. Chiropractors saw that their illness helped other diseases, so the body works in a more normal way. Elimination of pain, more regular bowel movements and the elimination of deafness were the result of osteoporosis.

o If there is no physical illness, people can focus on emotional or other factors that can lead to stress – although stress can cause physical illnesses, there are often external triggers or emotional events that cause stress. the first place. If stress is built for so long, physical illness can become a problem, and when people deal with pain, they are often unable to deal with emotional issues that can hold them in a stressful situation. By treating pain, people will be able to look at the roots of stress.

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