Stress and bad time management are closely related. After all, the root of many stresses is actually a big thing: It's not enough. There is not enough money, there is not enough time, not enough confidence, not enough … you name it.

And while we emphasize the money many times, money is something we can earn more. Deficiencies are not necessarily permanent, unless they are done. However, when the time, everyone gets the same amount. 24 hours. Every day. Not even a minute. Or less.

Let's talk about the egalitarian. However, some of us seem to be far better than others to best distribute. Some people do a lot. Others are dragging and clearing the passage of time, while complaining that there is not enough time in the process.

In fact, when people give presentations, I'm always a little entertaining – and annoyed – when a speaker spends a good time on what they complain about is not enough. How stupid is this?

However, obviously, no matter how much it is, it is a great place for most of us to handle it. We can learn to add more to the things we want to do. We can learn to get fewer things, so we have less time, so we have more time to do it. If we reach that goal, our stress will almost go away.

How to get there? There are plenty of time management courses and books available. Unfortunately, they often do not meet their promises. And if there is anything, we can even more emphasize – and perhaps a mistake. Time and how we handle it is a very unique thing. Whatever the proposals contained in the book, you have to work with who we are as human beings. But how do you know which approach is right?

There are two ways: people who know very well can bring good results. The trial and error method also works well. Check the systems and see what you think. Be sure to learn ALL of it, even if it is not really right for you. And do not fool yourself if you find things that do not work for you. Proceed to the next.

If you find one that really works well for you, allowing you to exponentially increase your productivity, you will know that you are a winner. Therefore, it is worth exploring the options. Because we all have exactly the same amount of time. This is what makes the difference – how much we can do and rest. And so the correct approach to time management can reduce stress.

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