Are you interested in reducing stress? Want to do more while doing less? Did you know that by applying a basic principle consistently, you can transform your life filled with stressed stress into a well-balanced, lifelike life? You will be much more effective and you will find more.

If you think there is a contradiction to say that you can get more, think again. Have you ever noticed that your performance often improves when you stop trying? For example, you are in an important business meeting and for some reason you only know that things will work. He let go of the fight to get to know his point of view and trust him. Extremely, collections begin to ask and listen to your opinions, and things go smoothly. Either play a game of tennis or a golf course exceptionally well, and when you look back at the experience, you realize that during the experience you have stopped thinking and started to flow. Everything seemed so simple!

In these two examples you can get less. In fact, the highlights of our lives, the moments where we really shine, are typically experiences that we feel are very little or nothing to do. Instead, life is with us. The quality of lightness is something that brings a special experience to the top: a lot is happening, but we are the tool, not the actor.

Peak experiences are moments of flow or involvement in the zone. The high-quality flow of high-end experience always means a sense of profitability and total cleanliness.

For most of us, peak experience is the exception rather than the norm. We want to feel faster and impress people who seem to be flow masters who have learned how the flow is what they do. Think of Tiger Woods. Despite his intensive challenges, he almost always looks complex and his body is a picture of liquid grace. He knows that, despite the intense needs, deep rest is the key to success. For example, in an interview a few years ago, Tiger Woods said he had been working for years to get a lighter and easier connection with his golf club, because this touch of fineness was the key to extreme control. The focus was on loosening your fingers and arms to make you feel better and more focused in order to reach a higher level.

Most peak performance focuses on maintaining a certain internal state, on the state of deep physical relaxation, or on ease as the key to their success. Lightness is a physical feeling that combines deep physical relaxation with calm mind and sharp focus. The top speakers know they can't reach high levels without feeling. These physical feelings take precedence and leave a different place. They achieve more because they are not willing to sacrifice their inner peace for any purpose.

The reason is that most people do not at their peak, that they are too focused on what they have to achieve and too little to feel like they are doing things. Because they devote little attention to their inner state, they feel they are doing everything they need, from the moment they get up in the morning until they come home. It is assumed that this is the price they have to pay for what they have to achieve. But the truth is the opposite!

The more we feel, the more we reach the level that is far behind our real potential. We live by rules that generate the opposite of a light and successful lifestyle. If you try to stop at all from understanding your performance, your god, and rather commit yourself to an easy way of life than the foundation you approach, you can achieve greater success. They will follow the masters of the masters who know that the high level of performance depends on the high level of internal composition, and that the secret of success is the foundation of physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

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