Stress loses perspective while inspirational offers help us regain it. So here are some quotes to keep you when it's getting rough …

If you go through hell, go on. Winston Churchill

If you do not see where you are going, if you do not think you can stand for a second, if you just put one foot on the other side, you're on the other side. Or this, or you meet a road sign that shows you to find out.

Do what you say what you value Roger Mellott

Most of the stress comes from a conflict of values ​​- we know we should not do something, yet we must do it – and we must emphasize it. If we coordinate ourselves with us and act accordingly, things will be much less stressful.

Despair says I can not lift this weight. Happiness says you do not have to. James Richardson

Another way of thinking. Let's look what looks like an insurmountable obstacle, and we feel desperate because we do not see how to get through it. Still, we forget that sometimes we can simply walk around and sometimes there is another door. Or, or maybe we are able to stay in place where we are and everyone gets happier.

Do you want the problem or do you want the answer? A Battle in Wonders

If we focus on our problems, we're probably stuck there. Instead, we strive to focus on how to get there.

If you think you have to do everything before you become happy, you think that on the day you die you will receive an email in your mailbox. Robert Holden

Does not that make you smile? We accept ourselves and especially our to-do far seriously. The following coincides:

Do not take life too seriously. Not constant. At OZ on a Coffee Mug

Not really. Horace released "Carpe Diem " and told us to capture the day. We've been here a long time ago and we must not let the stress we have to ruin our time.

The purpose of life is to avoid death safely. Alan Cohen

This company depicts a picture of two unicyclists who are at a depth while playing and enjoying themselves. Sometimes we stressed because we had a chance. It's terrible to jump off a cliff to the unknown. It is awesome to make the journey less traveled (thank you, Robert Frost ). Yet what is the alternative?

A ship is safe in the harbor, but it is not the ship. William Shedd

As a ship that would be safer in the harbor than on the ocean, it should not always be safe. Stress may indicate that we take risks and what risks they are facing. But that does not mean that stress needs to be the best. The overview of the quotes above helps you put things into perspective and help us regain a bit of inner peace. This took a deep breath.

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