Chronic stress is associated with heart attacks, stroke, and life-threatening diseases such as diabetes. In addition, stress can cause headaches, eczema flare, insomnia, chronic pain, low back weight gain, ulcers, indigestion, anxiety attacks and burnout. It also increases bad cholesterol and increases the risk of heart disease.

Even if stress does not kill, it affects the quality of life. Stress is also getting faster, leading to a former grave.

You see, stress in the body produces more cortisol. The stress hormone, also known as the death hormone. As we age, growth hormones and other hormones decrease, while cortisol increases.

Cortisol increases blood sugar. In a situation where you have to fight physically or start from a threat, like a crazy person facing an angry bear that is useful because you can make more energy for your body. However, if your blood sugar is high because of cortisol levels, you may develop diabetes.

Likewise, if blood pressure rises and blood leaves non-essential functions, such as digestion and heartbeat, your body is better prepared to fight physical threats or escape, but if it persists in the long run, you and D will end up with hypertension. and heart disease.

Unfortunately, stress is part of life. Some people accept stress more than others. Type A personality types, refugees, and perfectionists are most likely to be affected by stress. These are the most important. After a stressful event, the body must stop. Cortisol levels should be allowed to decrease so that their metabolism returns to normal, non-essential systems such as the digestive tract work normally so that the heart rate is lower than normal to stay healthy in the long run.

That is, you have to relax.

Take a break. Not afraid. Give yourself some time. Read a book. Relax on the beach. Look at the horizon. Just do nothing.

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