Many people you counsel complain about the interpersonal problems of their bosses, co-workers, and family members. People often report the experiences of physical symptoms and psychological problems that result in unsuccessful interactions with other "challenging" people.

Heavy boss, critical college, controlling mother-in-law, a needy client, a demanding client, or an inadequate patient can cause a lot of stress for most of us.

Problematic and stressful relationships can cause frustration, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Keeping in touch with people who are difficult or difficult to deal with are sometimes very nervous and / or very depressed.

There are many self-help books that provide guidance to better acquaint yourself with the people we experience in different living conditions. And there is no question that coexistence with people is a constant challenge for all of us.

For many years philosophers, psychologists and theologians have argued that people are good or bad.

For a while, in my practice, I reminded people of my own observation of human beings and human nature. The council is very simple and so it goes.

If you're going to a party and you meet a hundred people, you'll probably find that you have neutral feelings for two-thirds of those present. In other words, about 70 people were ok. You would probably find that about fifteen were very kind. Perhaps these are the people you want to be very close to.

The remaining fifteen people are likely to be incompetent, obnoxious or difficult to surround.

Now, if you recall the classes in the statistics, you will find that people tend to follow what's called a "normal curve" for beauty.

You may want to remind yourself of this "statistical truth" when you meet someone because this will help to make the emotions of a person healthy and practical.

You will find it useful to spend as much time and energy on your loved ones. Of course, if you have a boss or mum, it's difficult to completely avoid them. However, you feel better if you concentrate as much as possible on the positive aspects of your life and remind yourself of the fact that there are all kinds of people in the universe.

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