STOP NOW! It's better to be right now, in front of the screen. You can use this opportunity to choose to be a human for the next 3 minutes & # 39; instead of a man & # 39; Just let & # 39; be.

How good is his catch when stress & # 39; have you occupied yourself? Your mind and body are extremely good when you give messages to say, "Everything should be changed too much, something to change." When we ignore these messages, what happens? Louder and LOUDER! The messages are headache, digestive problems, poor condition, pain, depression and anxiety, and the list goes on.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and breathe slowly on the separated lips, then listen. your mind and your body. It may seem a little strange for the first time, but I promise you it's worth it. Keep it up.

  • What thoughts are in your mind?
  • It may still be just & # 39; your mind and leave your thoughts so you don't think anything?
  • How does your body feel now? Spend a good moment just seeing how the body reacts to you. What do you notice, see, hear and feel?

Tune in to your jaw.
Breathe deeply and when you're breathtakingly repeating yourself: & # 39;

Tune in to your neck and shoulders.
Breathe deeply and, as you breathe, slowly repeat yourself: & # 39;

Tune back to your back
Breathe deeply and when you give yourself breath, you can relax again. & # 39; Put your hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. Which of the best moves in hale and back ex hale

Well done! So you are now better suited to your mind and body, and you have already learned some simple ways to & # 39;

Devices such as the simple practice above are invaluable in the treatment stress . Most Stress Management program & # 39; stress. This approach never appeared to me because it sounds like a big fight. This would actually emphasize better. And the road is much easier, I can assure you.

Add "Fight"!

Clients of stress management programs instead of stress control & quot; acceptance & # 39; I teach quick and simple techniques that allow you to release tension in your mind and body in a matter of seconds .

This works… customers are encouraged to play with a full technique. They select the ones they feel best to create a source to meet every stressful & # 39; state. Whatever your workplace, home or abroad, you can now choose from simple tools that can be used easily and effectively when you feel the symptoms of stress. Here one lady describes the process,

"I started to tune my body light, [ feeling overwhelmed I could see what was really important to me and then I could find more problems When I feel like life is getting rid of people again, people around me noticed how no longer suffers from depression and anxiety that really started to disable me. "

] To find out how much stress you have, take the free online Stress Assessment at : and & quot; Fighting & # 39; learn how to handle & # 39; it. Your body is grateful to you.

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