Stress management is an absolute requirement when it comes to protecting different beliefs and opinions. We can get to a point where we die better than we were wrong. This way of thinking can place us in an arbitrary box that closes us from the miracles offered by life. However, we can give ourselves immediate relief

The ego consists of beliefs, attitudes and the resulting energies. The ego believes these positions are necessary for survival. The ego believes it is right and wrong with everything else.

This deviation from reality results in huge stress. Treating this discomfort becomes necessary if we have a meaningful life. We can make wonderful progress by simply releasing the idea that we have the only right opinion

Correct or bad is a function of context. From the context of a computer programmer, you are right to spend the whole day in front of your computer. Due to the relationship of the sales person, it is good to say good things about their product all day.

Stress management becomes necessary if we lose track of the above. Being aware of the above can be relieved. Socrates said we all think we're doing the right thing.

This correct and bad relationship extends to all life situations. In the great order of things we are divine. In everyday life we ​​simply observe ourselves and give ourselves quietly. Then we can observe other people with love and silence, giving them approval.

Easily read the paragraph above. However, the above is an effective tool for life. If you focus on the above as the basic principle of life, your life experience will go through the roof.

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