Why Choose Happiness? Aristotle believed that every man would really want to be happy. If this is the ultimate goal of life, why not most people succeed in this main goal of life? I think that happiness is a mental state that must be applied daily. You really have to get used to being happy. This sounds like a lot of work; but it's ok. Happiness and stress-free practice can finally overcome stress.

There are many ways to overcome stress. I'm focusing on three techniques. The first method is to put happiness in the middle. At this moment, you can choose to be happy, no matter where you are. If you associate happiness with external factors that can be new to achieving happiness. If your happiness depends on external factors, then you may never be happy. I'll be happy if … (fill empty) What if you never want to come? Making the election a happy one now attracts your life and improves general well-being. Also remember what you repeatedly (auto-suggestion) invests in the subconscious. Therefore, choose happiness over other negative emotions.

Thanks for all. Conquer the stress with a grateful heart. As your eyes read these words, I can admit that you are a lucky person. You probably have a roof on your head and more commodities like electricity and river water. Gratefulness is key to achieving important goals. I suggest you get a small note book and a daily base before going to bed, write 5-10 things you're grateful for. Do not repeat entries from previous days, but add new entries. This practice makes a big difference in your feelings.

Attitude is important to overcome stress. I wanted to share a little story where I saw a great attitude can help eliminate the stress of the disease. I volunteered to see patients at home. I remember this special lady, a retired teacher. She was cancerous but had a great attitude to the disease. He only worries about how he can help others and always looks forward to changing the classroom and helping the church. He has been sick for years, but his attitude and conviction have killed many.

Conquering Stress is not an easy task. At this moment (the present) at the moment you live with the philosophy of happy care, who are you, with the gratitude and attitude you help to get into the enthusiastic state of mind. Remember what makes a man happy because he does not work for another person. Go inside and be happy who you are. Be grateful for the good and bad things of life as I personally shaped you. I'm confident that daily logging of at least 5 things will be grateful. If things do not go, do not blame others. Abolishing responsibility with stress.

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