Everyone's experiencing stress. In fact, stress is a natural part of life.

Your ability to identify stress, manage it, cope with it, and reduce it wherever possible, dramatically affect your life and the lives of people around you. How well you do these things will ultimately determine whether this effect is better or worse.

Stress Types

Two main types of stress, good stress (eustress) and poor stress (anxiety).

Eustress is the positive tension we experience when we are announcing a job, buying a new home, a holiday or a baby. This kind of stress can be useful to us because it can provide motivation and other essential things to grow in individuals.

Emergency is a negative tense caused by things such as increased work demands, late encounter, financial difficulties, or illness in the family. As stress accumulates (builds up in our body), too much stress can be very bad for us for a long time and can lead to unhappiness, serious illness or even death.

Identifying stressors.

Stress is all different. Understanding what causes stress is of critical importance if you want to reduce the negative impact on your life. To help identify stressors, ask yourself these questions:

o What is the stress for me?

o How is stress affected?

o When am I the most vulnerable to stress?

If you understand the stresses in your life and how and when it affects them, it is the first step to minimizing stress and minimizing the negative impact of life. Keep in mind that this old saying, after defining the problem, finds the solution halfway. & # 39;

Stress management and treatment.

After you have determined the stressors, you can do a lot of things to cope better with it and reduce its negative effects. Here are some examples:

o Improve Your Time Management Capability

o Have a Healthy Diet

o Start a Workout

o Create an Eustress in Your Life

o Use Relaxation Techniques [19659002] recreation.

Relaxation is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to cope with stress and there are many ways to achieve a relaxed state. Most relaxation techniques are simple, inexpensive or free, can be done anywhere and anytime, and you do not have to spend a lot of time.

Here are the Best Relaxation Techniques we Know About:

Deep Flee



Tai Chi




] Progressive Relaxation [19659002] Practice

Reducing stress in your life

It is difficult to reduce stress if you have not identified the main causes of stress in your life. Once you've identified your reasons, you can create an action plan that can reduce tensions.

For example, if work is the root cause of stress, talk to your boss about making work easier or creating a new job. If you are stressed by some people around you, plan to avoid them as much as possible. If the lack of time or money is seriously stressful for you, visit a course on time or money management, keep your daily and financiers, or start planning your time and budget.

Switching to stress is a triangular process. First, identify the stresses in your life, ask yourself questions, and take note of how you react to different pressures of life. Then reduce your body's accumulated stress by using the many relaxing techniques available. Finally, try to remove the stresses in your life wherever you can.

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