Foot in the mouth Stress?

How many times have you taken a thought out of the mouth before you really register in your mind? And then you beat yourself out of poor communication, and spent hours, or maybe spending some days in restoring a stressful situation?

I'm sure I can get in touch! From time to time, it seems that they are running at the motorway and say the most disgusting things. Finally, I think, and I need to take all the stress-reducing tools to balance myself and all the means of communication to improve the harm to the bad words.

Some thoughts about learning (most of the time, thanks to God).

1. Listen to the other person. You really listen. If you really listen, you're adjusting to the other person, and you're less likely to open your mouth and fit into one of the stressful faux-pig statements.

2. Practice thinking and speaking dear, positive words. Corrects mental and emotional conversation day and day when "negative". Talk to yourself about positive opportunities in situations that will pull you out. When you open your mouth, focus as much as possible on positive and possible solutions. If you practice positive thoughts and words, even if you say something stupid, you will not be stressful.

3. Relax. Listening more than talking. You can not contribute to a stressful situation if you keep your mouth shut.

4. Imagine yourself pausing – just a couple of seconds – pay attention to your thoughts before you open your mouth. This is very beautiful and often avoids the stressful blow during the conversation when everyone turns to your answer and allows the momentary hesitation before giving the words of wisdom!

5. Buy time for a thoughtful response. You can also say "I'm still looking for the best way to tell what I want to say" or "I do not have a clear answer yet." Even a simple one, "I have to think and have to come back to you", can help the atmosphere of respect and harmony. If you want to think about time, you can keep stress on the long run.

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