The only thing I've learned during my life is how to deal with stress and maintain inner peace: "You must first set God." I grew up, I always heard the saying "God for the first time" but I never really knew what it meant. In the past I fought with the concept of putting God first. I thought that if I went to church every Sunday, I first placed it in God. I also thought that if I read the Bible every day, I put God first. Now I know that going to church every Sunday and reading your Bible every day involves God in your life, but if you do these things alone, it does not necessarily mean that you first put it in God. The first time I placed it in God, I asked God to guide me in all aspects of my life.

I try to get into a stressful situation and then pray to God to free myself from my stressful situation. Now that I did not expect to pray when I'm in a mess I get up every morning and pray to God in time and I ask you to guide me and guide me while I'm going during the day. pray to God to show me how to properly eat and show me how to make better contact with others. I also urge God to bless my business pursuits and show me how to get out of debt.

Everything I pray for God. First I put God down! When I first placed it in front of God, I found a new aspect of inner peace. And imagine it? My life is not so stressful. In fact, my life is peaceful, and my mind is easy. I sincerely trust God's life in my life and lead in the right direction. I believe that God is the one who makes us, and if He gives it to us, he will help us maintain it. All we have to do is ask for help.

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