As caregivers, it is easy to forget all the stress we face in our lives that children are also stressed in their lives. Children are confronted with children facing their peers, friends, starting a new school, good education, brotherhood and gossip, etc. And like caregivers, children should also be used to treat stress by breaking them down. As a carer, your child can help manage stress successfully, helping them develop positive strategies

3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Child Treat Stress

If you notice that your child has signs of stress such as such as lack of productivity, during or during meals, social withdrawal, depression, lack of attention, worry, sadness, anxiety or forgetfulness, should talk to their children in order to find out what is happening to them.

# 1 conversation with your child:

If the child needs to be stressed, they have emotional feelings inside. It can help your children to talk about what is stressing them, asking them:

  • How are you doing?
  • what happened in school today?
  • How do you feel about what happened?
  • # 2: Help your child express what they feel

    You can help your children to express their feelings within the sense table. The emotional board is a forum that includes the face of all expressions, such as anger, frustration, anxious, sad, hopeless, happy, overwhelmed. You can talk to your children about each emotion and ask them to identify where they feel inside.

    # 3: Helping your child develop positive fighting skills:

    If your child is under stress, you should be able to finish the bottled energy with a positive outlet. As a caretaker you must provide for your child's care

  • Talk to someone: The child must have a person with whom they are more comfortable talking, such as parents, teachers, siblings, friends or religious advisers
  • Give them an alternative to retaining the emotions: When they are angry, they can paint, draw, write, play outside, dance, etc.
  • Have your child take part in various activities: sports, boys 'and girls' clubs, drama clubs, reading books, scouts. The more activities you take in more businesses, you have to express yourself in a positive way.
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