One of the most astonishing things I've ever done is to get a hot iron underneath.

A few years later we walked out of the house. Recently, this morning, this morning, has left the ironing board in bed. I did not know Lauren used it just a minute ago.

I never collided so fast before or ever since.

Most people are probably quite smarter than me and never raised hot iron. At the same time, I think everyone has had the experience of picking up some heat, burning it, and dropping it right away.

Did you have any sense of doing something like that? Of course not.

This is why we throw them so quickly.

So why are we so hot about the hot emotional issues and let them burn us?

Yet we will do our best. Something unpleasant, bad, or even traumatic happens and we keep our kind life. I worked with people who experienced the trauma and did not do it very well for too long. I also worked with people who experienced the trauma years and years ago, but it seemed that this happened.

By burning something we need a lot of conscious attention, just like the school gym. Here are some "tips" that will keep you in:

* Play the situation or the crime again and again in your mind. Be sure to make a little "mental film" for your own vision.

* Make sure the first thing you think is in the morning and the last thing you think about at night.

* Tell everyone who plays the whole story, the game details, with ear.

* Be the decisive moment in your life.

* Choose yourself from other people

* Expand and devise injustice and dishonesty.

* Take care of yourself. As you have to insist on something, you have to be aware of something that needs to be discarded and a deliberate decision is needed. Here are some tips for dropping out:

* as mentioned above, we decide. You have to decide on what to do before any other tips will work.

* Take away what you can learn, leave behind something else.

* Find the symbol of the event and burn it, fear it, or both. I know this is a little silly, but it works.

* Remember, "Success comes from righteousness, good judgment comes from experience, experience comes from a bad judgment".

* and sometimes the most important thing: make a place in your life because it's done. And put it in the place behind you.

Hold it and burn it or throw it away and move on. This is the choice.

And this is yours.

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