Stress Management Advice is abundant, but I'm the only one I know who is actively proposing to learn to love yourself as the key to stress relief.

Love you, or your devotion is not taught in schools, churches, or most families. In fact, they support the opposite. Self-love usually crashes. Directly to the selfish, greedy, narcissistic, self-empowering and so on, they all belong to the "not good" category. You learn to love yourself first and make yourself the first.

Self-esteem has been widely popular, but a bit different from self-love.

As I see, self-esteem comes from positive results. You're doing something productive and looking for satisfaction and the ego boost for a well-done job. You build your sense of competence and contribute to society. As a result, you respect or honor yourself.

Self-love, As soon as I work with her, she actively engages in loving energy with happiness, success, inner peace, and unconditional love for others.

Self-esteem with self-control is not selfish or anti-social. This provides flexibility that allows you to handle stress more easily.

In my intense experience, it is true that you love more, the more you love the other, and the more you allow yourself to be loved. But this is the subject of another article!

Gentle and Gradual Transformation

Here are some of the methods I suggest to implement loving behavior. These are not quick fixes. Easy techniques for long-term transformation.

During the discovery, stressful situations may not evaporate immediately. But if you consistently experiment in practice to share love and sympathy with you, we'll probably look back on it in a month or two, and realize that your life is smothered or you are handling stressful situations more calmly and peacefully.

Play this technique. Give yourself the freedom to let your own love. Be careful which ones give you the most running.

If you find one or two that works well for you, repeat it often! Repetition helps in this new message to root and grow in your mind and heart, the so-called second brain, or the intestinal feelings.

first Honestly, he tells you, "I love you".

You literally say to yourself, "I love you," with heartfelt sincerity. Talk loudly, whisper or silently in your mind.

First you may feel strange or self-conscious. It is worth noticing the perpetual patterns of self-esteem and unworthiness that will disappear for a few weeks.

With your simply affectionate affectionate statements, you can go beyond these reactions and self-loving shining, authentic experiences.

To strengthen words from the heart, it is worth hugging, one hand to comfort your stomach or heart, or look into your mirror.

For the best results, make a few minutes of your day-to-day routine. When we strictly repeat our words, over time, choice becomes easier, which liberates stress and promotes joy and inner peace.

2nd See yourself with the eye of compassion.

See yourself struggling with stress, with the same compassion as a little kid trying to master a difficult lesson. In the great order of things, they are just like descriptions of sympathy as a young man.

How would you treat this child? I hope the praise for the right steps, the "wrong" offers the mistakes and much encouragement to continue.

You may want to practice "seeing in the eyes of the Master" as you cultivate deep pity for yourself. In the face of compassion, he gives room for learning from mistakes while decreasing stress and greater inner peace.

3rd Take care of yourself.

Show your love for yourself when I take care of you. Become a loving, wise and inflammatory parent for yourself.

In most cases, it means things like to love yourself to have a decent night's sleep. This means doing things that support your health and well-being. This occasionally nourishes and spoils you.

You might want to make a long list of how you can handle yourself. When you emphasize, look at your list and ask yourself, "What is the most popular way to take care of myself now?" Then do it.

4th You love to support yourself at all levels.

Educate and support yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Walking in nature for self-action may be due to physical, emotional, or even spiritual aspects. Reading a self-help book can be mentally educated, and if you practice what you read, you can support all these other aspects of yourself.

Your body, feelings, thoughts, and spirit are closely interwoven and interact with each other. When you are cultivating a level, you are beginning to create a new level at all levels – a coordination based on greater love and inner peace.

Print this as a reminder.

If you use these simple strategies, you may want to print this article and return to it occasionally. If you continue to exist, you will find that your lifestyle will gradually become less stressful and you are safely anchored on a flexible, flexible but robust self-conscious basis. Of course, you can benefit from stress reduction!

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