If you want to change how you react to a particular stressful situation, then this technique is for you. You only need 5-10 minutes and use your skills.

First sit comfortably or lie down and close your eyes. Now imagine yourself in this particular stressful situation to change your reactions. Make this spiritual image sharp and vibrant as you can and let it complete your vision. Make colorful and vibrant colors and make sure it is as brutal as possible. It seems like you've been designing a massive slider in your mind and would be as vivid and detailed as you can. Provide all the necessary details, including people around you, landscape, smells, sounds, touches, and any other necessary information. Now that the image is definitely i (and probably destroys), it was right. For simplicity, this picture is called the "stress moment". & # 39; If you have a name, you can easily recall it. Now put it aside for a moment.

Just imagine yourself as if you were going to succeed. Like the last time, imagine all the tiny details and shine as brightly and vividly as humanly possible. This image is called the "moment of execution". & # 39; In this vision, it may seem like he has come over as a superhero. You will know when you have achieved this, because you feel really good. Now enjoy this picture for a moment, then imagine it, and the colors fade, and if only a black and white image is as small as a postmark put it on one side.

Now that it's done:

1. Get the "stress moment" picture and re-fill your entire vision. Realistic "and just as lifelike … as long as it flies a bit. But this time add a tiny black and white picture to the" completion moment "in the lower left corner.

2. ] Then, when the picture is in your head, you say, "SWISH" to yourself, changing the images at the same time to "increase the moment of performance" and energize, and let the performance moment be huge and glorious [19659002] 3. You really just enjoy this picture and feeling for a while and enjoy it Then let your mind and your mood be neutral: this can be anything – park, bedroom, anywhere , where you are comfortable and where you can feel comfortable .. a totally neutral spot at this point

Now go back to the first step and repeat the series a few more times, time to notice that the pictures change easier and faster, faster and faster when you say the word "SWISH" to yourself. Soon, we have little time to clearly see the & # 39; stress "momentum is returned to the" access moment ". four times a day until you find that "stress moment" is just not what you can imagine, or until the images change instantly. Picture at all, ready.

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