Tips for Resting Peace

A great tip for maintaining a peaceful and calm state of mind is to identify the events that make you feel like you are. If we are able to identify events that trigger you, you may be overworked, you can work on an "action plan" or in a way that you can respond calmly and peacefully the next time you are in this particular situation.

What will happen to escalate to be angry?

  • Are you waiting for a long time in a row at a grocery store, department store, or on the spot where you pay your bill?
  • Did you have a crowded elevator, a crowded bus, or a crowded building?
  • If a friend wants to joke for jokes, does this make you nervous?
  • What if you mistakenly complained about it?
  • If you need to clean up the mess of someone else, how do you react? What if we had a messy roommate, would this upset you?
  • How would you answer if you have a neighbor who plays your music too loudly?
  • Are you mistaken when you are on a phone call for a long time?
  • How would you react if you were to ask someone's direction but later found out they were in the wrong direction?
  • If someone is spreading false news about you, does this make you nervous?
  • Would you answer peacefully if you learned that your money or property was stolen from you?

How do I react to the reaction?

The event that encouraged me to get upset before I started working on maintaining my Inner Peace was among the mediocre people who would say that they deliberately violated my feelings. My normal answer was that I stopped and thought with negative thoughts about "They understand that I will not talk to them anymore" or "I can not wait to tell me something because when I give them a piece of my mind"

I just did not pay attention to anything that made me nervous that I could actually show the events that caused me sad. After that, I was able to practice positively so that I could answer the next time she had to face an average conscience trying to hurt my feelings.

I've been in contact with many common-minded people because since I traveled maintaining the Inner Peace and the way to respond instead of stopping if someone tries to hurt my feelings, I just say to myself, "They mean but I pray for them" or "Thank God, you do not have to live in the house with that person."

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