When I talk about stress during a conversation, I'm talking about a negative version. Of course, some types of stress can create a positive reaction – for example, to emphasize our muscles in the gym to make them stronger – but I'm talking about anxiety because of the debate. That is, the kind of stress that can produce negative outcomes on a mental, emotional and physical level.

As we consider this topic today, keep in mind that stress does not work in isolation. Ever.

The Multidimensional Nature of Stress

That is, mental stress affects not only our minds. No, which is a (apparent) mental phenomenon, embraces emotional and physical consequences because we are multi-dimensional, complex beings. We are all, body or emotion we all are. And much more. People are so wonderful that a single thought can result in immediate physical, emotional and psychological stress responses. Imagine yourself in a situation that would frighten you and know exactly what I'm talking about.

Investigating Panic (There Was)

Then there is the student sitting in the middle of a hard physical exam. It is likely to experience stress on many levels. First, mental pressure seeks to recall information, timing the exam process, solving problems and understanding the issues. There is then a roller coaster of emotions that are always created in such situations (ranging from terror and panic to relief and happiness). And finally, there are physiological responses that typically accompany mental and emotional stress such as shortness of breath, nausea, increased heart rate, sweating, increased blood pressure, and more desire than usual.

We do not say urine here.

Yes, stress is a multi-dimensional experience, and if it happens often, it will have a significant impact on long-term physical health. Can not be: he wants. Mental and emotional stress produces many chemical reactions, which in turn result in less desirable and potentially dangerous physiological responses. Declaring that a stress response has been rejected in many people, dying does not go beyond potential damage. It is a well-known fact that there is a positive correlation between mental and emotional stress and a greater probability of a heart attack.

Please do not force me.


The really interesting thing about stress is that it's completely personal. Despite the fact that many people think that stress is not caused by situations, circumstances or events – we have produced. You and me. Strange, wonderful, curious creatures. Yes, we (of course of course) create stress because we only give them things. That is why we have faith, fear or response that is a particular thing that creates your own stress.

What causes a stress response in one person (sometimes a spider sometimes), can trigger curiosity (and not stress response) in another person. Why? Because one feared the spiders, and one did not. Stress-response refers to the person's hopes and fears, not the spider. If the stress response applies only to the spider (not the individual response), then we would see the same exit each time someone saw the spider. No, and no. So, who are you tense?

You are.

Health Effects of Stress

While chronic (continuous) stress is linked to a serious illness in the long run, we also know that untreated stress can make us physically ill within a few minutes. Contrary to the hydration of the dehydrated body – which is reliably straightforward and straightforward – the "stress switch" is the cut-off position a bit more complicated and usually requires more time and energy.

During stress management, of course, different things work for different people (from meditation, from deep breath to box and surfing), but what I can tell you is that lasting change usually begins with consciousness and change in consciousness. While situations, circumstances, events, and even other people can trigger our stress response, the only person who can create (and maintain) internal stress. And I.

Deep breaths, Grasshoppers.

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