Successful stress management tools are what couples need in this chaotic climate. A crisis like it is now on the financial markets is difficult for everyone. The lack of time it takes and the impact on individuals is causing additional stress to couples. Here are ten tips to help you manage your stress.

first This is the time to recall other things and concentrate on how to get through the crisis.

2nd Stay away from mistakes and criticism. It will last in the past. There are always a lot of reasons to say: if only you would have done that we would not be in this situation. This kind of thinking is just and relevant, because the situation has changed. The reality is that it is too late to reverse the events.

4th Live in the present. This is the only place where you can find solutions.

5th Take the time to clarify individual values ​​with each other. You may find that some things mean more to one or the other.

6th Consider custom values, then determine what counts on both. This will be the basis for finding solutions.

7th The crisis can bring a few closer or separate them if they can not agree with the important ones.

8th It's too stressful for cross-work. If you find yourself in this situation, go back to the drawing board and begin by identifying what you can support.

ninth Some of the choices you may have to make may be painful, but if you have one, you can support an opportunity for growth like a couple.

10th Keep this "attitude". With their positive attitude you find solutions to your unique situation.

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