Enjoy Instant Mini-Vacation for Stress

Do you know how to spend an instant mini-vacation from your hectic day, stress and stress while traveling?

If you want to quickly and easily learn to restore your inner peace and release the stress of a sophisticated day, read the practical suggestions. Draw your natural ability

These ideas rely on talents that are likely to evolve from the first grade onwards – their imagination. You touch the creative imagination and work structurally and positively for you. (Finally, Encouragement for Dreaming!)

Here are two possible approaches to reducing stress by showing a vivid picture of your mind. Find what works best for you and respond for a few moments during stressful work or when the whirlpool of family activities overwhelms you. Often, even a very short break will help you renew your balance and relax.

first Imagine the place of peace

You will have a break for a moment at your table, at the kitchen table or anywhere where you can steal three minutes. Take a deep breath and exhale. It may be easier to close your eyes first, but if you do well with the sunglasses, keep your eyelids open.

You may imagine the safest, peaceful, inviting and nurturing scene you can create. You might want to go somewhere, somewhere or somewhere, or just to a place that spontaneously arises from your inner vision. You may be indoors or outdoors, whatever peace and tranquility you have. Imagine yourself in this scene, very calm and carefree, looking around, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling what you find there. Gently discover what's in the scene, but most of all, relax in the moment, enjoy peace and relaxation. After a few minutes, open your eyes and return to the sun, feel fresh, calm and restore for inner peace.

2nd Find Peace Image

If it is difficult or simple to imagine a place of peace, search for a painting, photo or magazine image that will cause peace and harmony. (The tropical island, the lush garden, the mountain trail, the sunny beach, or your own garden pictures are all great opportunities for you.) Take a look at this picture and imagine entering, walking and enjoying the beauty and the peace. Take a look at the picture and at the same time imagine that it's within a few minutes. When you're ready, turn your attention to everyday activities, you feel like you're balancing your mini trip over time and space.

Repeat the maximum stress relief periodically

This simple process becomes more effective with regular use. Repeatly, you can quickly go to the scene or enter the picture, enjoy relaxation and stress relief and renew it in harmony and inner peace. A quick pause like this can significantly improve the stress management program every few hours.

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