I just call you for one day to make a critical difference between stress and pressure.

"But are not the same?" you can think of yourself.

In fact, it's really quite different. And that is a difference, which also makes a difference.

Stress or pressure?

What's your biggest stress source? Do you have work, family, finances or something else?

Whatever the source of the greatest stress is, it is something unwanted that is coming.

Stress comes from outside in our lives, such as an idiot leader or a deadline for work.

In most cases, stress and pressure are the same.

No, because pressure is, on the one hand, "internal work".

This is because stress is about stress.

For example, in the example above, stress is the time limit of working time. We are gaining weight when we think or say things like

"This is not fair! It will never be able to do it all!"

A much more powerful approach (internal work) would be to ask yourself

"How many ways to do all this and more and enjoy the process?"

Some people say that this only plays with semantics. I would say that all are semantics and, in addition, that the power of language is used to change your life.

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