Stress and A-type personality are like kissing cousins. It's just so close to being a bit dangerous. Have you ever seen the movie "The perfect storm?" This film is based on the life event in October 1991, which was stronger in the storm than the history of history, located at the banks of Gloucester Massachusetts. This "Perfect Storm" – known as the Three Storms – was an almost apocalyptic situation in the Atlantic Ocean where ships encountered 100 feet of waves – a ten-story building. These storms are one of the most powerful and fearsome manifestations of nature's strengths.
The Perfect Stress Storm –

Overstuff's To Do List – It's very fast if you feel you have failed if you can not do everything you do.

Unwanted – If our expectations are better and are more successful, extreme symptoms of stress may occur when you find that you are unable to perform all your tasks.

Type of personality – Have ever said that there is an A-type personality. He may be laughing, thinking this is just the kind of perfection that leads to leadership. But this can cause endless stress if it does not meet your own needs.

You will find the tasks of light or cumbersome rest. Is it really impossible for you to sit and relax? What happens to you if you do not have access to the Internet or if the connection is too slow. You're a bit embarrassed if your cell phone is off or if you feel it vibrates, but you can not answer or see who calls – panic?

What about scheduling – rigid or flexible? As your schedule increases, you feel that you are more intense or perhaps even more important. You answer that you spend the day with the family at the time of the holidays, check my schedule before I can accept your dinner invitation, then you can think of yourself.

Does your body know how to relax? Relax by planning some sort of stress-reducing activity as you plan a business project or a meeting. If you do your list of things to do, schedule some stressful activities on the list. Create a series of things you love. Some choices:

o 30-minute walk
o Meditation time
o Deep breathing
o Mental health day if you do not work for a full day
o Turn off your cell phone and computer for one hour

It has to assume the same level of commitment and commitment to the body and the mind. Make your own perfect storm by relieving stress:
Reveal – Identify stressors that affect our everyday lives;
Release – Remove stressors from which we can free ourselves;
Rejuvenation – Learn to Learn to Address Stressful Situations Healthy

And I would like to invite you to use this information to build stress-boosting muscle today.

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