When we feel stressful, muscles tend to relax and relax. One way to overcome muscle tension and become loose with stretching. Stretching exercises dissolve stiff, strained muscles and help relieve the lump from the muscles. The beauty of stretching is that you do not need equipment or great space.

A good stretching routine is one that can be repeated once or twice a week in five minutes. While a comprehensive routine may cover most body parts, the basic flexible routines should include the arm, leg and back. Here are some basic tricks:

Kar Stretch – Raise your arms above your head, fingers tucked up, palms up. Push it as far as you can. Hold for 15 seconds. Relax. Repeat three times.

Back Stretch 1 – lying on the floor, pulling your knees in your chest and kneeling your hands. Carefully push your hip to the floor. Hold for 15 seconds. Relax. Repeat three times.

Back Stretch 2 – Lying behind your back, bent on your knees and feet on the floor. Keep your back on the floor, turn your hip to the left, lower your feet to the floor until you feel a gentle ribbon. Hold for 15 seconds. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side

Foot Warming 1 False Chain: Sit down with your foot straight in front of you. Prevent your hands as comfortable as possible (touch your toes if you can) and hold the projection for 15 seconds.

Leg Stretch 2 Quad: This stretch rises, using a chair or wall to balance. Raise one leg behind it and hold it with your hand. Pull your feet up to your pants, hold your knees next to each other and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat each leg.

Leggings 3 Calves: Put your arms on a wall as if you were already blowing. Put a leg forward and the other leg. Drag the weight to the back of your foot and push to the wall until you feel the calves and hold for 15 seconds. Swing the legs and touch again.

We all have a busy life and can have difficulty giving you time to stretch, so it's important to get into a routine that does not take long. With regular stretching, you can increase the flow of blood and nutrients to body cells. It reduces mental and physical stress, tension and anxiety, promotes good sleep, lowers blood pressure, and slows down heart rhythm. If you can spend some time trying it out, try something out.

NOTE – If you have a health condition, please contact your practitioner before any type of exercise.

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