When I decided to stay at home with my mom, I represented all the good things I imagined with the role; kissing small toes, listening to the first words, and teaching the art of tying shoelaces. I knew that it was less than a pleasant task to do around the clock, but I could never fully imagine the amount of work involved.

I never regret the decision – a wonderful call – but sometimes you feel grateful. When was the last time I recognized my job, did I raise it or put it on an incentive path? Besides hugs, kisses and strange thanks, there's no big year-end bonus in this job. That's why home moms have to take care of themselves first. Of course, a supportive partner is a great help, but if you don't look at the uno, you feel happy and sad about your family. Calm down a little pressure and create a better balance in your life and enjoy the "job" much better.

Day Jail is the term used by some moms to describe home day time. We all whine about it, but really, what's not to like? Depending on the age of the children, it can take up to four hours. Keep your home day as long as you can and get time for you. Sleep, if you need it, a cup of tea while browsing, a long hot shower, but whatever you do … don't clean it!

Finding fresh air (and possibly sunlight)

Come with your children at least once a day. Walk into the park, sit in the yard, build snowmen and breathe the fresh air. Vitamin D is important, especially in colder climates, so go where the sun is shining and you will see how the spirits are lifted.

Connecting with others

Social media is my savior. This allows me to stay in touch with friends and family, and especially with colleagues, because I have no water cooler to stop. When I look for adult adult interaction, I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to choose the media that I choose.

When the baby and toddler stages end, things become more manageable and personal balance is easier to achieve. Keep in mind that it will stay positive, and if you feel like slipping, pull out these cute baby photos, embrace and read with your kids, hug your partners, and smile because tomorrow is a bright new day.

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