Here are the twelve steps I like to share with you. You can see why you work. Is it the extraordinary insight, sly philosophy or simple common sense? What matters is, these steps help you reach your goal to minimize stress and, whenever possible, work stressful for you.

first You bet that you are a human. Human nature and weakness have never changed since Adam's and Eve's grace falls: "Cursed be the earth, for to you, as you eat the field of plants, your forehead is bread to eat until you return to the ground (3.17) How terrible Stress is the spikes and spikes we need to deal with

2. You need to know the need for help You need the moral support of your family, friends, and colleagues If you are religious

3. List the Situations and People Who Cause Stress

4. If possible, avoid situations and people who cause stress

5. If possible, prevent them the circumstances that cause stress

6. Design solutions for every situation and / or person who causes stress

7. As you test the solution within a reasonable time, finalize the solution and live.

8. Do not be tough for yourself if you fail from time to time; just fix the new stressful situation and repeat steps 3 to 7.

ninth Turn stress and anger into your benefit. The punch bag is shaky than daylight from the irritating, repulsive, and benevolent individuals you have to interact with. Use this energy to physically fit your diet and exercise.

10th Do things you love and have friends: sports, presentations, gardening, reading, etc.

eleventh Talk to people you know how to deal with stress and share ideas.

12th Admit that you are a wonderful man! You have value. You are what God wants you to be; you only have to apply your skills to do yourself, your family and your friends happier. Deserve happiness!

Thorns and bones come in the form of stress, sometimes occasionally and sometimes occasionally. Using the twelve steps, it is able to decimate the negative situation. Have fun when you can and most importantly believe in yourself: the terrifying individual in your body and mind. You're great! I say so.

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