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The language we use when we want to change something is simply astonished. We say things that I do not know – not fair – I can never do this – etc. And then what a wonder why we are disappointed and we do not feel so good.

One of the most restrictive things we say to ourselves is, "It must." Our brains hear that I have to and I tend to rebel automatically.

Maybe this is the childhood retention.

A much more useful way to talk to ourselves, change the "I need" to "get".

It can be said that this is only semantics. I would answer by saying almost all the semantics.

For this reason, why – "I must" usually results in little motivation, avoidance and discouragement. On the other hand, "I get" often lead to motivation, excitement, and ability.

So let's practice to do what I need to do to get in.

Get the trash off.

I will contribute to and serve my family.

I have to get up in the morning.

They spend another day over the earth and see what I can do about it.

I need to work.

I'll do what I like to do and get my family.

I have to go to class.

He has the privilege of gaining education.

I must take my kids out of practice.

I get time with kids. In the car, which is a captive audience where we have no pressure to just starve at each other. Maybe we can talk.

You have to finish this job in the office.

I agree to something I believe.

I have to go to the gym.

Beware of my body, and maybe even have fun.

I need to finish this column and get it in time.

I get privileged help (hopefully) more people.

This is just a few examples. Simply fill your vacations with your own life with the ones that will be most useful.

I ask you to practice watching your language next week, I guess you'll be surprised how often you use it. "

You have to go somewhere to make a choice.

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