Can your stress change by changing your language? It seems that this may be true. Can our thoughts (conscious or unconscious) and our faith create our experience and experiences around us? The answer is yes, and our faith is used in the language we use.

We create everything we focus on. Our faiths determine our feelings, and the feelings of our faith are embedded in words that we use to describe our position. All of this together sends an energetic language that is around "consciousness" around us. We send the energy that we send with the same frequency and return to us with the same experiences. This is generally known as the "law of attraction".

Your language also tells the brain what to watch through the reticular activation system (RAS) located in the brainstem. This is your place in your brain, telling you what to look at and what to ignore in every situation.

When you grow up, you hear that you're stupid, and that people do not like you, is the first thing you think of when someone badly dislikes that you do not like it. It's just about how our brains work.

If you look at your body or mind every week, with the expectation that you have something wrong with it and focus on this expectation, what do you think? This is the consequence of quantum physics, which is the new XXI. Century Reality! Both are awesome – if you are conscious and terrible – if you still do not know about it!

Thus becomes the mirror of the world around us that we have created. The mirror is an honest display – a final feedback loop. If we have wisdom, we can quickly learn from our mistakes and learn to make new decisions for better results. We can use our exterior creations as proof of our most interesting inner conviction, even if they are ignorant and can change beliefs that match the real-life experience if we choose.

When we change our minds and physiology, we find new solutions because, as Napoleon Hill taught us, we take better advantage of the "Golden Mine" ear to "re-create life for our lives." Then we can make newer and better choices in every area of ​​our lives. Then we can add dreams and goals that we have not seen before because we have blocked our view. Our considerably improved thoughts and feelings have become a new life-enhancing beliefs. More and more efforts are made to have rich abundance when we involve this conscious practice every time.

Script Out Your Day – Think about new ideas using the new language !

What do you prefer, like anxiety? Think about it and consider getting it. Be at all times nervous, think for yourself and tell yourself, "I choose peace" You may not necessarily choose your first thought or feeling, for thoughts and feelings often come from the unconscious, mind mechanism, seemingly out of nowhere.

You can, however, choose your second thought and your second feeling, fear of fear, hopelessness, anxiety with restlessness. In this process, you authorize and rebuild yourself.

Say as many positive affirmations as you can when you wake up and sleep before sleeping. Your thoughts are creating – and unfortunately, the creatures you will get with anxiety are not very pleasant. Think about your ideal day and write down – 100 things that would be ideal – and tell it everyday.

Get ready to see significant changes and feelings in your life. Here is a script that I helped with using the new and positive language! on the next page. Print and hold the bed until you type your own.

DAILY SCRIPT Read the first thing in bed in the morning and last thing in bed

I'm so grateful for my life. All things are easy to come to me. Now I choose to learn and grow with joyful experiences. I call on the power of heaven to help me daily. I know my power and I use power to make a difference in the world. I'm attracting people who are thoughtful and remarkable, and I and others are attentive and attentive. I will do everything I choose to do well.

My life is simple and easy. I've always felt that I have to do everything I need. There is no emergency in my life. I have my spiritual help around to help me with whatever I need, and I call on this help and experience the gratitude when you point out. I spend a great day. Things always work for me. My life is great!

I can move freely with my life. Many people love and support me and have all my choices available. The choices I choose are appropriate and supported. Life is good for me. I'm free from arbitrary constraints. I know who I am and what I want. I enjoy new energy myself, comfortably and easily.

I'm just asleep and awake fresh and ready for a new day. I am grateful for the peace and the well-being of those who are abundant in me. I see the good in all the events and details of my life. I am a positive person who enjoys the adventure of life. I create more and more experiences that will please you.

I raise people of similar minds with what they love to interact. I attract people who are safe and respectful. I can easily share myself and understand. I have a lot of energy and vitality. I'm grateful to my healthy body

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Angela W. Bussio

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