Retreat in a spiritual or religious sense is about keeping everyday life away and reflecting and trying to find answers to the problems or problems we face. Retreat or silent thinking as a thought process will help us in our personal life, but it can also help us in business. How loud is your office, it's always broken when you think about ideas?

Are you sure you have enough time to spend your time in silent thinking? Meetings can be very good at achieving aerial views and opinions and consensus, but a trap that many organizations belong to will end the meeting to discuss what they will discuss at the next meeting and so on and so on never decision.

Peter Drucker said, "Let us follow the powerful actions with silent reflection, from silent reflection to even more effective action." Everyone expects to think in your organization on their feet, or is there a place during the day to make people silent reflection? When designing a project schedule, think-ing should be incorporated into the planning process, that is, "sleep"? Have your colleagues been trained in silent thinking, and do you value this as a farming process?

How many times did your body hurry and regret it at leisure? If the answer is "Too many times!" then perhaps you should consider integrating this management process more efficiently into your corporate style.

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