Life should not be as difficult as we should be. But it may take a lifetime to calculate. In fact, the main task we face is to learn how we can sabotage our lives unconsciously. As soon as we see the patterns of self-decompression, we can begin to let them go free.

How can we recognize and release unconscious self-esteem? The first and most difficult step is to identify the signs of sabotage. So what is the sign? There are two basic signs. The first is stress, be it physical, mental or emotional. The second is dis-easy. When you feel stress, this proves self-sabotage! If you suffer from illness or feel pain, you are probably confused!

Stress and disease are certain consequences of life. These are not inevitable as it is inevitable that tomorrow will be cloudy. Experiences in which we have been involved in magnification, assuming that we have no control, where in reality life is asking to be controlled and become ourselves! Stress and illness are signs that we stand on the track. From the path of finding true and authentic oneself. Finding and expressing our true self is what is meant for life.

When you are truly present in your groove, in the zone, you are completely present to yourself and to your world, free from stress and illness, and life is really easy. This does not mean that we just want the way to easy life. Challenge to find the way to lightness for one reason and just one reason: Rationalize our pressures. This is confirmed. We prove the victims of life. We say that our situation is the fault of someone else. Or the fault of the economy. Or the doctor's fault. Or our own fault. (This is called self-criticism, which is just another way to dig a deep grave.)

Some people rationalize more than others, but we all do it. The point is to recognize the enemy and stop participating in rationalization. We have to realize that we have created everything and consciously create what we want. It is at least as important to recognize how we have created what we have now to let go of the behavior we are getting now!

Changes your patterns by being more aware of what you are doing, which involves you in playing the victim. Then he let go of the role of the victim instead of playing the role of freedom. This includes focusing on step-by-step processes, where you can identify the feeling of freedom, not control, and initiate instead of the reactor. You point your nose in the desired direction. There are a million ways to point in the right direction and become freer. Here are some tips:

1) to frighten your fears and frustrations by deep breathing

2) recognize and release negative self-images that you have learned as a child and consciously as an adult

] 3) allow others judge and yourself

4) replace the emphasis on what you are afraid of with a clear idea of ​​what you want to bring to life

5) practice a moment-to-moment presence and let your body relax

Next time When you feel tension, fear, anger, or pain, let it look and then recognize that it refuses to react to it quietly and calmly. Notice that your fears are a little bit about the criticism they've felt for a long time. And let yourself be great, beautiful, peaceful and strong, who support that scary little ego. Identify yourself with the light seeds and see what happens!

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