We know that brain care is essential for big children. What about us – almost or sixty times? What happens to the little ones, too!

My mother said her brain was cemented. He could never learn as quickly as we (the children), because his brain strengthened with age. This brain assumption was put aside as another urban legend in the dust. New research has shown that neuroplasticity is a feature of all brain, young and old. This means you can learn up to 90 or 2 or new tricks.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to adapt to its environment. You can generate new neuronal circuits, generate new cells, and compensate for fatigue by replacing defective connections and cells with new ones. In fact, nothing in the brain is tied. As the salamander, which can regenerate its tail, the brain can grow new neurons. This compensation mechanism refers to the long life of the brain. We do not have to send ourselves to the fate of slow and peaceful years. Aging is not synonymous with memory and loss of cognitive abilities. What can we do to secure a prosperous brain in our older years?

The outbreak of routine
Scientists have found that postpartum blindness can lead to the formation of a visual cortex that is audible and felt. The brain area dedicated to vision was performed by the auditory function. Since birth, blind people have been able to hear with their eyes or watch their ears. By improving diversity, we can do something different: a new way to work, to travel to a new country, to learn a new language, and to learn new skills. Due to the usual efforts, your brain carries new paths, increases synaptic connections and over-ride obsoleset circuits.

Running Start
Recent studies on aerobic activity and brain functions have shown some interesting facts: aerobic exercise increases brain volume in older adults, while non-aerobic activities such as stretching and toning do not produce the same effect; Elderly people receiving aerobic training are better able to pay attention; less susceptible to disturbing effects. The tests also showed that the elderly participating in aerobic training achieved significantly better results in neuropsychological studies than non-aerobic clusters. It seems that cardio training, like running, dissolves the negative effects of stress on the brain and strengthens the body's immune system.

Passionate cultivation
In a challenging situation, our brain is forced to develop new strategies and new neural circuits. But facing such a difficult situation as we like, which is positive for us, our brains are convinced to create new neural conversations between different parts of the brain. The passion provides the lubricating catalyst for enhanced synaptic firing and relationships, a situation that is popularized by the saying: "The cells that stay together in the fire." This is the reason why we learn much faster when we are excited about the material we work with, be it a new hobby, a book in a production or a new business. If studies suggest that aging is caused by a dramatic decrease in functional relationships within the brain, the growth of passion will certainly prevent the interrupted system.

Attention focused on meditation changes the structure of the brain. Studies show that consistent meditators activate the prefrontal cortex at the front of the brain; however, the limbic part of the brain at the back is slowing down. This is the attention that promotes neuroplasty in the brain. In addition, meditation increases the thickness of the cerebral cortex, the outer area of ​​the brain, which is more sensitive to age-related thinning. This thickness increase is often related to the ability to integrate emotions and thought, the left brain and the right brain.

The problem of healthy aging is not so much with the skin as Botox, or liposuction of robotic tissues, but a healthy and cognitively sharp brain. It is available without much effort. We only have four things to do: break out of the routine, go on a run, cherish a passion and meditate.

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