Learn how to remember information? Probably not. Why should I? Computers, papers, recorders, etc. To my knowledge, more and more people are being taught not to remember but to find information. It's just good … only most people take this extreme and don't remember the most basic things. I'm confused when I see people on television who don't seem to answer the following questions:

  • What is the capital of Germany;
  • Where was the departure of the first atomic bomb;
  • Who killed JF Kennedy (OK, thoughts are different).

More and more, we seem to forget that we have a wonderful tool at our disposal, yet we know and know less about each generation. Yes, I'm talking about our brain.

During my training, I teach people to use their brain more efficiently. It's amazing how many people think they don't remember the information. Most people don't seem to bother with this. Within a year, there were only 2 people who did the training and learned how to improve memory and brain skills.

Only when people understand their brains a little better will they begin to feel more confident. And as you can or do not know … you can easily increase your brain power, sometimes using thousands of years of techniques (and still effective). Here are two very important reasons why you can use your brain more often.

first Use it or lose it

Until now, most people understand that you need to use your brain to prevent worsening. Most of these people know this, but don't do it … So if you have one thing you get from this message: Use your brain! You were told to slow down your Alzheimer's while training your brain. A student said to me that this is not true. Research shows that using your brain can not stop Alzheimer's damage, but it can slow down its effect.

Think of your brain as if it was a muscle. The more you use, the more you can do and the more effective it is. Do you want enough muscle? Probably not!

Quick fix

Fortunately, you can remember information much faster than it is now. I saw many people who didn't believe their brains could remember more information. It turned out they were wrong. After 30 minutes of training (and I quote), I was completely surprised by the improvement.

If you decide not to train your brain, you will see that your mind will have more and more problems remembering important information. In your age (of course) you blame or say it was not important enough to remember it. Still … the age is not a problem. Everyone can train your brain and see impressive improvements. It is beneficial to invest a few minutes to improve your brain every day.

2nd Your brain can do more than give credit

Some people say that this century is about discovering the universe, going to the Moon and Mars, and living there. Others believe that we need to improve the best-known machines of mankind: our brain. I think we can do both … we have to do both! Understanding what is happening there will help us better understand ourselves and vice versa.

One of the most important areas of our brain that we must discover is the subconscious mind. There is so much untapped power available in that part of our mind (that is part of our brain at all!)! Huge jumps can progress in the use and understanding of our brain. The subconscious mind helps you move faster every day. For example, my subconscious mind gives me answers and ideas for my work-related questions and projects. This is because I have learned how to focus and use my subconscious minds.

When I talk to people, I often don't think it's true. You can't control the subconscious minds! This is true, but the subconscious mind serves the advantage. This & nbsp; & quot; also the attitude of reading speed. Most people cannot understand that you can read faster than you can read aloud. After all, you have to read every word to understand what you are reading.

Hal Wechsler reader, former business partner of Evelyn Wood (the speed reading guru) knows this and much more about reading than I do. He knows his mind can go through the material at a very high speed. The information is probably not only stored in conscious consciousness.

Most people find it very difficult to convince their mind / brain. After all, & quot; always. (as if you were controlling it all the time …) Understand that your brain can do much more than you are giving it to.

How to use it now

You need to do this when you want to use your brain more effectively:

Give your brain the right messages.

You probably don't know the messages that you and others have put into your brain. Most of the messages are negative: I can't do it …, you don't understand …, etc. This is not only your thinking, but also how you perceive the world. Additionally, people use bad words when & # 39; their brains. They say things: I'm looking for XYZ. This is not the smart way to do things!

No need to look for something. Think of your brain as a "stupid"; muscle. Just doing what he says. When he says he's looking for something, the brain thinks it's a game and begins to look. What you won't do is FIND, what you're looking for!


Give the brain the right instructions. Start this today. Do it now.

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