Habits and routines can help you advance or hold back. How you start your day is essential in your state of mind. Here are 5 morning routines that I use to be positive every day.

first meditation. The morning meditation sets the tone of the whole day. It helps you to be more focused, meaningful and optimistic. Your mind tends to jump from one thought to another. In Buddhism this is called "monkey mind". One of the advantages of meditation is that it can take away from the usual patterns of thinking, especially negative thoughts. This can help you to be sympathetic, proactive, like a reactive one. In the morning, spend at least 10 minutes on the first thing and be ready to face your days clearly

2. Fill the neurons. The morning routine greatly influences this process. If you are a "snooze" pro then your mind routine will be slow. Fill your morning with brain stimulation and get these neurons. Add fast pace, great music for the morning hours. The neurons like to dance, so let them go. I enjoy classic classics as I walk through the morning. Positively get my thoughts and energize my body. Try to add different smells, your brain associates with all positives. Instead of using an alarm, try setting the coffee machine to start cooking at a preset time. Even if you don't drink coffee, it's a wonderful way to wake up. The point is to turn the beginning of everyday life on our senses.

3rd The awakening of the body Breakfast is still the most important food of the day. He tells the body that it is time to start work. Healthy breakfast enhances concentration levels and keeps information. It has also been shown that balanced breakfast consumers are able to maintain healthy weight. Consider natural eyes, fruits and low cholesterol, saturated fats and vitamins rich in vitamins

4. Acquiring Your Mind in Gratitude . During the morning routine you start to list the things we are grateful for that day. He concentrates your mind on the miracles in your life to look all day. You return your thinking to a positive situation and start helping others with the same. This reduces body stress and improves health and quality of life.

5th Keep yourself high on performance. Start the day with the intention of reaching the best and achieving greatness. At the first moment of waking, before the sight, the sound or the smell, you know anything. Then the "world" rushes and routines and patterns start. It may be a good morning routine, but it is not enough in itself. You have to decide for your performance. Keep the log of what you are grateful for and what you want to achieve in that day, week, month or year. Start small and work upwards. It teaches your mind to focus on the one that fits your passions and begin to understand what your vision is.

Use of great morning routines will be positive and you will be invited to leave and create your life a success. Keep in mind that every change is happening at many points in your life. First, the person you imagine yourself and then the life you imagine will be around you.

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