The biggest thing about internet marketing is ranking your website at the top of the most popular search engines. This will in itself increase web page visibility, but the hardest question is how?

The search engine optimization process is complex and raises a number of questions by optimizing your website or using a specialized SEO agency. The fact is, SEO is a tough job and a very difficult process that takes time and a lot of analysis.

Here are 7 things you should not do if you build your SEO campaign.

1) Locating search engines before users

First, Search Engine Optimization is the process your site is going to help you get the best lists. You want to be at the highest rank with which your target audience can drive traffic. But the most important thing is to remember the end user's needs when you modify your site for SEO. Your websites are still spectacular, adaptable and functional to the needs of the audience. So, if you're an SEO campaign, do not forget to make well-written and planned content for your site. Because at the end of the day, the website will show you what you are doing and your 24-hour vendor.

2) Link spam

The other main issue of bad SEO is link spam. You do not want your site to track as many links as possible and do not use relevant usage or value for the user. Specifically, search engines now rank the links based on the jurisdiction of the sites they create. Thus, spamming your links, such as spam, reduces the site presence. So here the quality is above the quantity. It is at the heart of link building efforts for relevant sites, so you can increase your ranking in the Search Engine Optimization game.

3) Ignore Link Text

The anchor text of the link should be written exactly. Search Engines now use anchor text as a sitelink index (links from 1 to 1). Search engines, like Google, want to list the best websites. So the user experience must be impressive. An example of what to do is use anchor text such as "click here". Few information and value to where you are going.

4) Not Following Progress

The best way to measure how search engine optimization works on your site is to track progress from the start. This is probably the most important element of what works and what does not. By adding the appropriate statistics, you can decide what new changes you make and point in the right direction.

5) Choosing Bad Keywords

It's important to select the right keywords on your site. Finding keywords takes a lot of time and analysis to find the best keywords people use in search engines. It's best to choose some of the exact keywords that your site is targeting, as well as overwhelming your site with each keyword.

6) Accessibility

Accessibility is an important part of Search Engine Optimization. Crawlers can see how accessible the site is to all users regardless of their disabilities or disabilities. ADA places emphasis on creating useful websites for people with disabilities. Allows the visually impaired to have access to the site, if you can use them and now also helps with SEO results. Not only is the screen readers used to view websites read only words, so you can create the link text as descriptively as possible. It helps a lot to somebody these days.

7) Do not Design Your SEO Strategy

Last but not least … can not be an effective search engine optimization (SEO) campaign without plan and direction. Design a useful strategy and map your interests. Set short-term goals that point to rank 1.

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