Where is the anger coming from? No, not what is happening, but about what we think is happening; what is our opinion about what is happening. Without a glimpse of what's happening, just what's happening. As Shakespeare said, "There is nothing good or bad, thinking does so."

Every experience is based on the three principles – the mind, thought, and consciousness. There is no mind, no experience. There is no thought, no experience. There is no awareness, no experience. While people do not know this fact, they feel like victims of inexperienced circumstances. Yet, when people understand the truth that their experiences are solely based on the mind, thought, and consciousness, they no longer feel to the helpless victims what is happening.

Return to anger management. It follows that anger is nothing more than our experience of thinking and opinion. So there is no "real reason" of anger "out there". Equip. To change our experience, we need to change our minds. When our minds change our experience changes.

If anger comes from our own mind, what's the thing that looks angry? What do we think? Condemnation! All condemnation comes with anger. There is no judgment, no anger.

If we need to change their minds to change our experience, and if anger comes from condemnation, what will release us from anger? An apology

Remember a period of forgiveness or forgiveness. You do not have to worry. Let him come to you. How many times have you forgiven and forgiven? You do not have to worry, just let yourself be aware of the time, the many times you've been forgiven and forgiven. ALL RIGHT? You are there? Do you feel this nice feeling? Feel the Forgiveness and Forgiveness Experience

Where is the anger now? This is the essence of anger management.

In fact, nothing can manage if you forgot. As long as you excuse yourself until you condemn and condemn the condemnation, you may have to deal with your impulses to become equal in revenge to get justice. Retaliation always involves risks, negative side effects and complications. We need to address our anger in order to avoid dangerous side effects, so we are very careful to avoid the danger. […] Heart, forgiveness of forgiveness does not cause unpleasant side effects and no negative consequences. This will save us from the need to handle our anger, because we do not have time to prove it. Rather, we are looking for time and time, and we are open to changing the heart, changing the attitude that is forgiving.

Again, we can all decide freely. We have free will. We can freely choose the path of condemnation, anger and payola, or choose the path of forgiveness, good feeling, and generosity. The latter is impossible if we think that our feelings come from others or do not;

When people realize that their feelings "the shadows of their thoughts," as Pransky and his companions George Pransky have formulated, see that mind, thought and consciousness are the sole source of experience and more motivated and likely to change their hearts (forgiveness ) than retaliation, to resolve their anger.

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