Anger is the expression of emotions that communicates with other people that they are not satisfied with certain situations or actions. Therefore, it can be considered good and bad, depending on how it is expressed. We express this as constructive or destructive anger.

Constructively, anger helps protect an individual from hurt and promotes good understanding between people in the community. It protects people by expressing to the aggressor that a situation or an event is inappropriate. Without this term, the aggressor can ignore it. Even for an individual who is angry, tells him things he does not feel and so he learns to avoid the situation. Therefore, if successful, the expression of anger can lead to healthy life and healthy relationships between people. This can not give you full approval to express anger. Instead, a person expressing anger should be aware of other undesirable emotions from other people. Most people become defensive and equally allow for stress hormones and blood pressure to rise. Expression of anger therefore demands tolerance against a violent or dangerous person whom no one wants to associate with.

Devastating anger is thus opposed to constructive anger. It can not only be violent, but also people and relatives with frequent outbreaks. Like health challenges, high blood pressure, gastric ulcer and early death are associated. Social disorder is bad management of anger. This may result in the person expressing anger being isolated. It may be aggressive when it comes to attracting attention or withdrawing people. Both reactions are anti-social.

The most common among the poor and the rich is drug abuse. In many households, the lack of counseling skills to deal with anger leads to retreats among people who do not feel themselves. People who are ignored have often turned to drugs and alcohol to get their feelings faint. In Dahn Yoga Sessions it should be noted that the most apparent consequence of bad relationships is. In marriage, the inability of anger can lead to divorce or divorce. This is especially so if one of the spouses is violent. Other means of expressing a bad relationship, abuse or violence at work. An individual can also show anger in common anger that could lead to premature death due to a car accident.

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