This is probably the busiest and most serious time of the year. You have to do so many things you have to do. And work? Well, there are as many demands as ever.

So I thought I'd introduce you to a very good friend who taught me a lot about how to deal with stress. Cecil's name, and he is the 3-year-old Golden Vizsla. I bet you ask yourself what a dog might know about the challenges of work-life balance. In fact, I think he is probably the leading expert in this field.

You see, Cecil is not an ordinary dog. She is my eye-sighting dog, which means she has a lot of stress and incredibly demanding work. Cecil's daily tasks include blocking buses, escalators, lifts, busy junctions, and obstacles on many sidewalks.

On the flip side, however, Cecil knows how to let go of steam and play. In fact, unlike most people who experience workplace stress, Cecil plays every single day. And he insists on keeping playing time.

When Cecil came to live with me a year ago, I got a bell to hang out at the door so Cecil could tell when she had to send her "business tasks". I knew little to use this bell for "game" time. But that was exactly the bell. You rarely use it to indicate that you want to go. And he will ring the bell until he reaches the road! How many people know that this is what insists on working after a hard day? You?

What usually happens when you stressed that you forgot to do things that could help relieve stress. Why? Because these things take time for all that is absolutely necessary; when it is simply not.

The truth is that if you take a little time when you are most stressed, you will find that you have more energy to deal with things that need attention. This means that after the playing time you are better able to handle the needs of work and life and do not really count on one thing!

So take some time every day and play. It doesn't have to be complicated. Just have some fun and hang a bell chain at the door so you don't forget!

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