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"… knowledge doubled every ten years." Eric Johnson, President of the American Chamber of Commerce, in the mid-twentieth century, when he noted the persistence of change.

This was before the internet. With the emergence of the Internet, the knowledge doubled in about 18 months in 2004, according to the American Training and Documentation Society (ASTD)


IBM predicts that in the next few years information will be doubled in 11 hours

"Patents and academic publications show that knowledge differs in different ways in different sectors, from nanotechnology to 21 years in 2 years in other sectors." Ray Curzweil predicts for decades, predicts, billionaires will be smarter than today, can read minds, take different forms, and will change his physical environment. So everyone. Today's human beings, mere sheer dusts, will be like Homo Erectus.

All this, says Kurzweil, will be called Singularity. For more than a decade the mathematician and astrophysics has been popularized by computer scientist and sci-fi novelist Vernor Vinge which is the technological change from artificial explosive growth to intelligence that accelerates current human understanding.


What happens when the speed doubled every month? Knowledge grows by 4096 every year. (FairfieldLife)

So in the bottom line I think – you can choose the amount of knowledge, or you may or may … because nobody seems to know … about knowledge … exactly.


To be honest, it's mostly guesswork. Big paycheck and PHD guessing – but guesswork. Do you know how many animal species exist in the worlds? we do not know.

Why are we sleeping? – We're not sure

Where does life come from? – We're not sure

Why is there something more than nothing? That's why we and the universe are here, not here? – we do not know.

How did language develop? – We do not know.

We do not know more than we know. And what we know is so-called "information" – most things are called, they've always been here, we've "discovered" them now and gave them a name and each time we name something – the so-called knowledge. No, that's just a name …

In any case, the point is to relax, the information is to use rather than memorize

The statistics are already here, but are reordered, with or without RBI steroids here we put the names of the players …) Well, we may not know this name, maybe we know or do not know or make sure it uses steroids and the number of paths on the XY curve or on a bell curve does not " and you're the one who's got my cancer, flu-like symptoms, knees, pregnancy or job opportunities, just stuff made up of other things, and then "new" things (19659002) Science is the same thing You know I did not know about protons before science would have discovered them, but they were there and the fried eggs are still cancerous eggs with or without the proton factor

OK science is good for technology, it's good to have more … 19659002] Everything I say …

… calm down, just things – and most importantly, for me and me, not so important stuff. What would you say about what we do not need to know?

Small examples:

Homelessness – cure. Not too overwhelmed. It is said that more than a quarter million people are willing to go to New York City every day – 250,000 people. How much would it cost to fix this? – No one's making enough money. But –

There seems to be only about 2500 chronically homeless people. This is who does not matter what happens to homelessness, medical or mental challenges. NYC spends over $ 62 million a year on homelessness. That's almost $ 25,000 a year. We want to get rid of homelessness in NYC – buy cheap flats, get ready nursing and hospital care for those 2500s. Costs are less than $ 62 million in 10 years, 20 years. But that's not how we think about it, we want statistics and bell curves, and we do not want to give up when the only mother does not get anything – we have a principle. But then our principles and information get to the road with the actual knowledge – so fail


The famous Rodney King spanking and LAPD spent millions of L.A.P.D. studies and reports and committees. Money was spent on better recruitment techniques and improved training programs, graphs, charts, and statistics. But the Commission reports to L.A.P.D. At that time there were 44 – Four to four hard core BAD cops, who basically caused the trouble. There were also cops who were not perfect, but 44 hard materials were needed. Fire in 44th Done. L.A.P.D. resurrected. But we have so much information that this can be so simple?

Really –

This is the old story – Rule 80/20. Every 20% of the numbers produce 80% of the problem, profit, work, or situation. 10% is the most important move. 1-5% is the essence of the problem or solution.

But this is not a bell, it's not … fair. And we believe in fairness and statistical methods and knowledge acquisition until we can solve the problem.

This is our problem, only a few are causing a lot. And it's always simpler than we think. And in an information crazy world (in the Western world) where subsidies and money are related to "discovery". It's easy to face them – not good.

But listen – it's always simpler than we think.

Keep in mind that business, your business on the Internet. No matter how many programs you take, how many seminars you take, how much 'knowledge' you are trying to penetrate into your brain. Less than 20% is worth it. So knock it off, then. Choose a business niche or a market that you like or like – and you will learn.

Not everything, only the most important 2-10%, which moves everything and when the other 20% – but frankly, there is no need for such "information".

Learn what you do not need to know.

Much of the "knowledge" is a luxury. Because we can not produce the numbers because they have a real value. The way a rich society is. Always

(test and track down, use analytics, but this is not "knowledge – this tool will put it back when it's finished with you.")

Find out all that you need to know – and you know that. Information is a tool – if needed, use it. And put it away. And in ten years it will still be less than the whole 20% – and in 100 years. Because we do not change. We are alone. We're singularity in our own lives

We can make a lot of statistics and charts and discoveries – but we do not change it. We love and hate and envy, our desire and belief, and their mistrust and care. 1000 years ago and (if we are around) 1000 years later.

The client still wants or wants or wants to have fun, love or security or relief from pain or … and all the usual things. It does not change now and forever (maybe?).

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