Numerous studies on astral projection and out-of-body experience indicate that human brain waves react and reach new sections as a result of the combination of different types of brain waves.

These wave frequencies have consistent voice patterns that are unique to different levels of brain activity. These sound samples were attributed to being scientifically studied and defined by name.

Accessing these frequencies makes it easier to reach the astral projection. Scientific studies have shown that there are many methods that can help individuals reach these frequencies faster.

Here is a diagram of the various levels of the levels of brain activity and how they are related to astral travel and appearance outside of the body.

Phase 1 – Gamma

The highest level of wave activity is characterized by an increased sense of alertness and high perception. This means rapid brain function during increased activity.

Section 2 – Beta

This lower brain activity places the brain in an active problem-solving state.

Level 3 – Alpha

This level is an additional ordered wave rate where each brain function slows down and enters the mental relaxation stage. In the theta phase of cerebral wave function, the frequency becomes slower in a milder phase and the brain becomes meditative and almost hypnotic. During this phase, the vibrations leading to the initial stages of the astral projection begin.

5th Delta

This level is still a slower state of mind to characterize the frequency of mental activity, typically a person who falls deep into sleep. This level, which is only claimed to have reached only a little bit throughout history, registers a low brain activity that can hardly be written.5 HZ and mystical multidimensional quality consciousness.

It has been shown that individuals can enhance the ability to reach different frequency bands by listening to the sharply shaken rhythm of recordings and mp3 recordings. These pulses are specifically designed to achieve frequency gains faster to achieve astral projection. Such different pulsating audiophiles are, for example, binaural, mono and isocronic rhythms. These different voice patterns are paired with different frequencies and intensity to create different effects.

There are several examples of manipulating audio waves that manipulate brainwave frequencies, and today there is everything that can help in projection and out-of-body experiences. Research – although not all claims are true – demonstrate that these different techniques and consistent practice can affect the speed at which these frequencies can pass through to the astral projection.

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