Stress is a combination of three things; (1) threatening potential stress, (2) inability to cope with the threat, and (3) response that mobilizes energy to overcome or abandon the threat.

Whatever might be potential stress under the right circumstances. Every potential stressor has a common thing; threaten you in some way . What your mind tells you about being able to cope with the threat determines whether triggering a stress response.

In order to conquer stress and flourish, do not just survive in the stressed world, a stress management program that does three things: […] – liberates the power of your mind to stop stressful thinking stress-related tensions

Years ago I worked out a program that conquers the stress of the so-called The Five's Coping book.

– Changes stresses into challenges that are all three. The program offers five different levels of combat that teach you how to conquer the stress and gain momentum in a rapidly changing world. The Five R :

] Reflect [19595008] R has various different strategies that work independently or can be combined to create a comprehensive personal stress management plan.

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