Game is essential for children's healthy development. Research shows that 75-80% of brain development occurs at age 5. Games are the tools of the game. Through games, the kindergarten child learns about themselves, others and others.

What kind of things does a child learn about different toys and games?

When the nursery children watch books and listen to stories they learn:

o These books are important and enjoyable [o] This is the printing of the words

o The Imagination of Exercise

o The images say words, as the words

o To follow the evolution of thoughts and ideas in the story

When children play preschool children with letter games, they learn:

o Identification of capital and lowercase letters

o Associate the voices with the letters, these are the following:

o These letters are part of the words and these letters form the words people read from the books

o The recognition and So, in other words, everything in me

When nursery kids play with blocks, cars, and trucks: [19659002] o Form, Size, Length and Positioning

o Creating and Repeating Templates

o Exercising Impression

o Developing Ideas

o Working with Others

o Solving Problems

Eye-hand coordination

o Concepts

o Multiple, Less, Longer, and Shorter Calculation Concepts

o Creating and Reproducing Patterns

When the kindergarten children play with play files, they learn:

o Unique correspondence, a hole for a hole

o Making and replicating patterns

o Possible left to right, reading skills

o Addition concepts as a point at a time

o Symmetry, Shapes, Order and Design

o Eye-Hand Coordination

o Colors

tering know children's games, and provide a suitable environment for toys and games that meet these needs.

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