Critical thinking capabilities are always low in the United States. The huge public and private segment of our population is unable to think logically and intelligently through a problem or problem. What is critical thinking? While the concepts of critical thinking are slightly changed, good basic configuration is the ability to use reason, experience and intelligence to evaluate and solve the problem. It also evaluates the quality of your information and a logical, common sense solution.

Imagine having a student who knows about the American civil war. A teacher tells the students that the war began in 1861 and ended in 1865. They were southern slaves, the north did not. The war was afraid to unite the union and rid the slaves. At the end of the war more than 600,000 people died. The teacher tells the student to note these facts for a test. Another teacher tells the student about the preamble that leads to the war, perhaps focusing on the problem of adding states and slavery to the Union. They can also talk about what states have the right to be successful and that most states would never have consented to it without entering the Union. This teacher also added that the freezing of slaves did not enter the picture until the war began. Then, after giving the student this information and having the opportunity to attract more to themselves, they tell the student to get a sincere, thoughtful assessment and arrive at their own conclusion. The first teacher urges propaganda, and the second tries to think critically about the student.

Unfortunately, the culture of the United States has bred citizens who are happy with the news of loud bite, with shallow analysis and with extreme concern. The lack of critical thinking and the understanding of issues naturally leads to an easily guided and manipulated population. Too many people accept them passively that they have not received any serious or thoughtful analysis. The so-called elites are more interested in maintaining power than any special ideology. This is why the people on both sides of the political spectrum need to fight in order to preserve their freedoms and provide free access to information (this does not contain a reasonable national security secret). Controlling the availability and dissemination of information is how the busy elites keep control and maintain their power. That is why there is limited government and local government that is so important. The fewer governments are involved in people's lives and the closer the home is, the more people can influence the change. As a result, people use their critical thinking skills more often, and the resulting thoughtful and justified choices will enable a more informed and stronger country.

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