People say, "I think that's what I think, BS!" The philosopher Nietzsche correctly points out that thoughts are happening to you, independent of their will. Think about it! Thoughts happen to you (pause) your thoughts are not you if Freud's insight revealed the existence of the seven defense mechanisms as though or not, we protect ourselves from concealing the truth from what we know how many times you knew something true and confident in illuminating a friend or colleague, to be able to meet the fiery rejection of "airtight argumentation"? For persuasion or for other reasons, the other party can not be persuaded? Perhaps it is too painful for them to accept it or for a thousand reasons

So people really talk, exchange ideas and actually illuminate or convince each of them r …. ever? the answer is YES, of course, but far less common than what they have accomplished. The more common situation is that two people are meeting their agenda and promoting this agenda relentlessly, then passionately engaging with their thinking and preventing them from open thinking that is necessary for honest conversation. More often than not, it is not just that someone screams overhead and over again, they will accept the truth.

There are obvious signs of actually communicating with someone or not; An impartial man, like a scientist, is not emotionally connected to a position or thought. Theoretical, and the true seeker of the true is open minded and longing to know the truth. Often, every person passionately insists on their thoughts and ideas as if they were themselves defending themselves. Your ideas are not you. Thoughts are happening to you and testing for credibility. Instead, the impartial observer notices the light of both parties' eyes, and a moment of anger blinks, revealing that they dig to defend their thinking position as if they were physically attacking each other.

It was when Galileo tried to illuminate the church almost being killed and forced to regain perhaps the inspired revelation to God that the Earth was at the center of the universe, and so it is. That's right now when your wife asks me to look fat at night in this dress or when her boss smiles at the customers you hate. We reward for helplessness and the threat of unemployment to a socially acceptable level of tolerable deception.

Everyone in the science recognizes the importance of objectivity and has to carry out checks, placebo and double blind tests to verify that their results and conclusions are correct and unbiased

So ultimately, if you are a true truth seeker, you want to open your mind and to learn to cultivate something with objectivity. Suffering is contrary to the cause, and it also occupies the most glamorous mind.

Listen to the idea, calm down, lift it up and give it a chance before you shoot it, and maybe get a more sketchy conclusion.

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