For a while, I wanted to "take this out of my system." As such, this article sounds a bit like a "rant" and some people "nervous." On the one hand, I do not want to cause dissatisfaction, on the other hand if I do not feel dissatisfied, I'm grateful to have thought something deeper.I really remember for almost three years the apparent inconsistency of the law of attraction as a "law." If this is a law like gravity, why does it seem to be some people, not others?

Some teachers have tried to reconcile this by having to do so, what you believe, both consciously and subconsciously, suggesting that you harmonize both conscious beliefs and subconscious beliefs with what you want to attract, you attract it as a magic.

Sounds good, right?

I do not intend to criticize other approaches to utterance, but to question inconsistencies. Why is the Gravity Act not Will you please let us change our subconscious beliefs, but the law of attraction?

Other "spiritual laws" do not even require altering subconscious beliefs to easily recognize the cause-effect relationship: the electoral law, the act of action, the law of the balance, the law of integrity, the law of compassion … are few.

None require altering subconscious beliefs to show results. They just have to know they exist and pay attention to how they are manifested (interesting word, what?) In your life when you take action with them. So why do we have to change our conviction of the "law of attraction" to work?

Today I try to answer this question. First of all, I would like to say that I would like to use the term "attraction law" because it is an easy way to communicate a simple idea that has undergone the main stream and this idea:

When we are living conscious consciousness we can experience life we want it.

In other words, we can show what we want. The difference between the "Law of Attraction" approach is that of others, because I am not so concerned about the "things". I concentrate on showing the experiences of True Nature – more precisely – inner experiences.

Popular attracting law teachers say they are attracting the things you want, whether it's car, house, relationship, more money, etc. To first raise your vibration to be consistent with this. Conscientious teachers say so much that they have to use testimonies to re-program the subconscious so that their conscious desires do not conflict with subconscious desires. Even more conscious teachers suggest that you do not focus on those things that "want" and focus on how things feel.

For example, if you want the car, what is the car you really want? Is this an adrenaline rush? Is this a feeling of success or just being abundant? What are your feelings about the meaningful relationship you want? Joining, Integrity, Playfulness, Commitment, Joy?

In other words, they say that you get what you want, first you feel like you've got it. Some people say that you really believe that they "deserve" and "believe this will happen" even if the odds seem thin.

I do not know about you, but rather the law of gravity. Drop something. See it falls. Yup, the law works! Why can not the "law of attraction" be so simple?

My experience is how it can be. In fact this is … we do not recognize it. Too many teachers centered on the "get stuff" aspect of the manifestation – as it sells products, books and seminars – I did not realize what reality was.

Experience His Real Nature.

Why does he point to "things" when we can show ourselves?

I am convinced that we all want to reveal one basic thing: it is completely and completely in line with our lives. Most of us get started in the world that we think we should do. We say, "If only more money, bigger house, better relationship, I can be calm." But what if we just learned how to be happy without all this? If that were true then "things in the world" come to the metaphorical cake. Then it is not about "changing our vibrations to get what we want" but rather "to become our desire because we have changed our vibrations".

The way to present the inner experiences we want is to realize that we have already begun. We like joy, abundance, peace, happiness? We have the features of a real nature as an infant who has ever been in contact with these experiences somewhere in our life.

In the manifestation, strength, courage, and willpower are the basic attributes that we need to "show" things in our lives. No action is taken without force. Without courage, we remain in fear. Without inconvenience, we will not be able to stay in our dreams … especially when life becomes difficult.

The manifestation is not a rocket science. Nor is it simple as "To bet, believe and act". Still, it's so simple and you feel like a rocket science at the same time. All we have to do is do not know the subconscious barriers that we all need to experience the True Nature – which lies in them, regardless of whether you want to attract any "matter" into your life.

Entering the subconscious is surprisingly difficult. Many teachers go astray when they say there are enough "affirmations". Some of them are true … I appreciate Marc Allent (the most sought after author and founder of the New World Library publisher) as he has changed his life less than the claims and scientific readings.

However, for most people, claims are a long way to transform their lives. This is because we have transformed our subconscious into our ineffective and effective ways, often without our consent. It was a lifetime to believe we had a limited potential … so when we got to know our unlimited potential, we felt that there was a long way to go before the transformation.

This is also part of where I feel "cheating" when the law is the attraction. It puts too much emphasis on strengthening positivity and positively increasing vibration and not investing enough energy into real subconscious transformation. Some teachers would even think that if you have negative thoughts or feelings, you will sabotage your ability to present what you want.

And where he heads upside down.

See, the only way to truly live in positive high vibrations, convert negative self-serving unconscious beliefs and feelings. If overwritten, it will only work for a while until the subconscious re-engages them and sabotaging their best efforts. Negative thoughts and feelings are much more effective than manifestations as "things." This is because negativity tells which aspects of the subconscious need to be transformed, and then with the right tools to transform these subconscious negative beliefs into the abundant True Nature experiences.

Here's where it will be tricky … [36] Its subconscious, or rather, the subconscious's "Inner Critique" aspect is that both are both comfortable and small. You do not want to be abundant and do not want to make your dreams come true. The Inner Critic is a hogwash, which is unpleasant and widespread. Your inner critics will always say something disagreeable about your ability to manifest until you change yourself.

This is not an easy task because it has few bodies on this aspect of our consciousness. Byron Katie does not really talk about the "law of attraction," but helps people to show their lives what they really want to live. In other words, it uses the "law of attraction", which is "The Work".

That's really it. The law of attraction is on your subconscious, bringing light to your mind and your consciousness to fit your True Nature. So yes, teachers who say that you have to bring your subconscious mind and consciousness into alignment are right.

Not only that, but earlier in the boomerang direction when I said that other spiritual laws do not require you to transform your subconscious. Although not required & # 39; to transform your subconscious to know life and cause-effect results, you need to change your subconscious if you want your results to persist.

For example, if you are unable to act (according to the "Act of Action"), not because your conscious mind misplaced you … because the Inner Under Critical Consciousness you thought it would be more convenient if you did not do it. And even if you're the best action-seeker in the world, if your inner critic is foolishly sabotaging your will, you will seldom finish what you're doing.

The beauty of spiritual laws is that, as long as you act according to laws, you will see the expected results. If you act in accordance with the Act, you will see results in your life. In time, your subconscious will naturally be transformed into a consistent habit of action and thus use the "input equivalent output" formula to transform your life and your subconscious.

This is a long slow journey, though this is a lot of faith and probation and error. There is also a warning: if you do not act in a way that extends the properties of other True Nature, you will also sabotage your best efforts (for example, action) if you do not want to "stick." In other words, only the allegations and the focus on action the slowest way to transform your life.

This is because – in my experience – the fastest way of manifestation focuses on the discovery and development of very special properties of True Nature. Attributes such as strength, courage, and willpower allow me to move forward in life. Then I concentrate on features such as abundance, joy, and gratitude that I "constantly raise my vibration" and make obvious the internal experiences that really work for me. This is the cake I really want, and all the extra stuff is just "icing."

Do not miss … you definitely have to cook on the cake (especially the chocolate cake!) And just as you want more financial resources and more satisfying relationships. The difference is, I'm not making a mistake. I want to fully experience my True Nature and then I can bring it with me, no matter what I do in life. The stuff comes and goes, but its true nature remains here.

What returns the whole circle … what is the real "attraction attraction law"?

This is the suggestion that any of us may want to show any other expression than our True Nature.

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