We discover that stress is NOT the cause of people and situations, but your own thoughts and actions.

Stress is thought to be something that is external events, such as financial problems, health problems, or too much to do. Of course, such events are challenging, but these are not the real causes of stressful emotions.

An Important Message of Stress

Stress is the way internal guidance is to tell you that you are thinking of thoughts or not taking measures that are in your highest goodness or trying to control things you do not know for example, how people feel about themselves or the outcome of things. Stress also tells you that something in your body is not exposed – you need medicines or substances that affect your brain and stress or eat foods like sugar, processed or pesticides that causes brain toxicity, leads to stress

When the wounded person works and tries to control something that you do not have control – such as the feelings of others and the outcomes of things – that your head is clogged with the wall and does not accept reality. The opposite of stress – the inner peace – is the fact of accepting what learns to be cared for, and we also practice gratitude for the great and small blessings on this wonderful life-path, even on the face of every challenge. And, as we have seen, gratitude offers a stress-free way to show what we want and work a lot better than trying to control others and outcomes.

Wallace Wattles, 110, "that man [and woman] perfectly fits into unreal material [this is what he calls God] by lively and sincere gratitude to entertain the blessings he has bestowed upon him" [and her]. Thanks to the human consciousness with the intelligence of the material, human thoughts are accepted by Understanding Intelligence with the feeling of deep and continuous gratitude. "He argues that when we often look at the mental image of your will," with unbroken faith and devotional gratitude, "he launched the creative power of manifestation.

Your tension will tell you that on the contrary, you use your thoughts to create what you do not want and you try to control others and results rather than associating with the Spirit.

The biggest challenge is to believe that this is true. You may know that this is true from your loving adult's point of view, but your wounded person probably does not believe it. It is very easy for a wounded person to enter the thoughts of bad things that relate to faith, gratitude and stress. It is very easy for the wounded to focus on how to control the others and the results that always cause stress. the wounded myself is to turn to rusty food and other substances that are in the body balancing and causing stress. Even the wounded person simply tries to use inner work and gratitude as a way of controlling God. It is so important when it comes to learning and with gratitude to make sure that you are intending to yourself and others, NOTING THE SECOND DO NOT KNOW, and not to use the Inner Work as other means of trying to control others and results.

Stress is Your Friend

Stress is your friend because he immediately tells you he is not in your mind and / or your behavior. Rather than ignoring stress or getting rid of the various passions that ultimately cause more stress, why not do your internal work and be careful about learning a profound desire to be on the pitch?

it is odd that our society is so difficult to get rid of stress from drugs and passions instead of learning what to tell us. When you really receive this tension, the way you control it tells you that you are "out of the mark" (in the original Aramaic Bible, sin as the sign), in your thinking and / or behaviors you are doing to create, rather do not ignore it or try to get rid of it.

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